5 Things I’m Looking Forward To Right Now

Spring has almost sprung after what seems like the longest winter ever! I mean January went on for so long it could have been a season on it’s own!

And whilst I’ve loved cosy nights, getting wrapped up and winter walks, I’m ready for a bit of sunshine now. April/May is my favourite time of the year because you just know that you’ve made it through the winter... and longer days, lighter nights and better weather is on the way. So as that time of year is around the corner I thought I’d share with you 5 things which I am really looking forward to right now.

What Im Looking Forward To Right Now - Miss Boux

1) Lighter Mornings... and Nights

One thing I really dislike about winter is getting up for work at 5:30am in the pitch black! Tip-toeing around the house so I don’t wake people up...  then having to prise my cosy dressing gown off myself to get dressed at lightning speed so I don’t feel the cold! I find it so difficult sometimes to actually part with the warm, comfy bed… just to throw on lots of layers and run for a train.

So yeah, I’m looking forward to the light! It makes such a difference waking up to a bit of light, and as it gets closer to summer, waking up to the sunshine peeking through the curtains. And even coming home from work and having hours of light before the night is over - it just lifts my mood so much!

2) Booking A Holiday

What Im Looking Forward To Right Now - Miss Boux

Literally as soon as January hits I am on the travel sites looking at holidays, although every year we book something super last minute! I’d love to be so organised that I could book a holiday this early but I’m definitely not.

For starters it takes me ages to decide where I actually want to go - last year it was August before we had anything booked and because I had looked at 90% of the Greek islands and couldn’t decide, we ended up booking the same place as the year before (which was absolutely lush by the way!).

So this year I’m starting the holiday hunt early! I’ve already started doing a bit of research (which I will share with you shortly) and so hopefully something will be booked a bit sooner this year!

I enjoy holiday hunting though and seeing the most amazing hotels and beaches (I’m 100% a beach baby!) and I’m constantly adding luxury holidays to my wishlist for when we are rich (watch this space haha!).

3) Bringing Out My Summer Wardrobe (and updating it!)

If you’ve taken one glance at my Insta you’ll know that clothes are my weakness! I can honestly say there’s not a day that goes by where I don’t visit a shopping website and either add stuff to my cart or wishlist, or save some outfit posts on Insta with a mental note to look for those items later.

But I love it! And I’m so lucky that a lot of my favourite brands like to collaborate with me on my Instagram and blog so it gives me even more opportunities to shop and share my favourite pieces with you guys!

My absolute favourite kind of shopping is summer shopping… all of the bright colours, cute little crops and amazing prints just get me super excited to be in the sun.

I was recently given the opportunity to choose some pieces from Select Fashion to share with you and luckily for me they had already started stocking some beaut spring/summer styles!

The first item I picked out was a gorgeous pair of wide-leg trousers with a bold stripe print. I adore this style of trouser in the summer - the material is super lightweight so they are really comfortable to travel in and they are super-floaty so perfect for sunny weather!

They also have a split up the side which I love as not only will it keep my legs cooler, but it’s also an opportunity to show off my tan (which fingers crossed I will get) and my shoes - shoes often get hidden when wearing wide-leg trousers but these are perfect!

What Im Looking Forward To Right Now - Miss Boux

The next item I chose was a crepe bardot white top. I have a similar style of top in my summer wardrobe already which I bought a couple of years ago and have worn to death so when I saw this, I needed it! The bardot is elasticated (the band is quite thick) and there is the cutest lace detail on the bottom of the top.

I chose white so it will match with pretty much every colour but it’s also stocked in a few other colours too (I have my eye on the yellow and orange!).

I paired the top with the trousers to make a gorgeous floaty outfit for summer but I'd also probably wear it with denim shorts as a casual day time outfit.

What Im Looking Forward To Right Now - Miss Boux
What Im Looking Forward To Right Now - Miss Boux

And finally to complete the outfit I chose a yellow bag.

The yellow matches perfectly with the trousers and I think it completes the look. The bag is a little bit bigger than I expected (it looked smaller on the website - I don’t think I read the specifications!) but this is probably a good thing as I throw everything but the kitchen sink in my bag most days!

What Im Looking Forward To Right Now - Miss Boux

4) Summer Adventures

Okay so summer adventures sounds like something out of a movie but I guess we can call them that…

Is it just me or do more adventures happen at this time of year coming up? Like evenings out, mini trips, finding new places etc.

It’s so good!

With longer and lighter evenings I don’t just want to sit around in front of my laptop all night, I actually want to get out and about.

The best times are when we just get in the car and drive… and then find a new little town or village and explore.

Having a dog really helps with this - we take our little cockapoo Luna everywhere so we always try to find somewhere new to walk her (or stand whilst she runs around like a loonball!).

What Im Looking Forward To Right Now - Miss Boux

5) New Opportunities

​​​I know that sounds quite generic but I’m actually super-excited for everything that I have going on in the blogging space right now.

Without getting started on Instagram (silly algorithm changes are just so infuriating!), I have recently had lots of incredible brands approach me for collaborations and I feel so lucky to be working with them.

I’ve been mapping out content plans and doing some extra courses (which I will share with you soon) and have also been working on a couple of little projects myself too! So I'm really looking forward to what’s coming up in the next 6 months or so!

What are you looking forward to right now? Let me know in the comments.

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