Venum キッズ 激安通販販売 チャレンジャー 2.0 BJJ GI ホワイト C0 スポーツ&アウトドア , 武術・格闘技 , 柔術,13330円,/carding485966.html,チャレンジャー,キッズ,,GI、C0、ホワイト,BJJ,2.0,Venum スポーツ&アウトドア , 武術・格闘技 , 柔術,13330円,/carding485966.html,チャレンジャー,キッズ,,GI、C0、ホワイト,BJJ,2.0,Venum 13330円 Venum キッズ チャレンジャー 2.0 BJJ GI、C0、ホワイト スポーツ&アウトドア 武術・格闘技 柔術 Venum キッズ 激安通販販売 チャレンジャー 2.0 BJJ GI ホワイト C0 13330円 Venum キッズ チャレンジャー 2.0 BJJ GI、C0、ホワイト スポーツ&アウトドア 武術・格闘技 柔術

Venum キッズ 激安通販販売 チャレンジャー 2.0 新色 BJJ GI ホワイト C0

Venum キッズ チャレンジャー 2.0 BJJ GI、C0、ホワイト


Venum キッズ チャレンジャー 2.0 BJJ GI、C0、ホワイト


VENUM "チャレンジャー2.0の「子供のBJJ柔術GIが近づく中で未来のための設計した場合、才能がある。次のブラックベルトハンター。
構築、市場で最高のパール織りコットンの場合、VENUMチャレンジャー2.0 " KIDS BJJ Giには快適さと耐性を提供します。
その軽量のおかげ410 gsm (グラム/平方メーター)のファブリック、コットンパンツは、このVENUM GIのモビリティー保存されるのではなくなり、持ち運びが簡単。
テクニカル機能が導入されています。 – ジャケットのファブリック:梨織りコットンを使用しています。
-生地の重さ: 410 gsm。
VENUM GIのベルトは含まない。
3 ' 9 " - 4 ' UP TO 50 lbs。c00
4 – 4 ' 3 " 50 – 65ポンドです。c0
4 ' 3 " – 4 ' 6 " 65 – 80ポンド。c1
4 ' 6 " – 4 ' 9 " 80 – 95 kg。c2
4 ' 9 " – 5 ' 95 – 110 lbs。c3

Venum キッズ チャレンジャー 2.0 BJJ GI、C0、ホワイト

We used the size chart from the site but the GI is too small. We asked to return the item but the company is not responding.
My 8 yr old has been taking jiu jitsu for the past 2.5 years. The first two years he started with gracie barra, wearing their storm gi, which fit nice. He recently transferred to Carlson Gracie, so I bought him a black fugi gi. The gi fit awesome, looks good, but is on the heavy side. He's been wearing it fo the past five months and it still looks close to new, due to cold wash/hang dry. But I thought it was time to have another gi, and after doing some research, I purchased the 2.0 venom gi. (I also noticed his instructor owns one himself). When it arrived, it fit perfect. I'd go more by the heighth chart then weight. The gi ordered was at the top of his weight range, but perfect for his 4 ft height. I didn't want his sleeves or pants to have to be rolled up, because I didn't want his opponents to have easier grip advantage. When it arrived, he tried on and it fit perfectly. He could gain another 6-8 pounds and it would still be good. And the white gi, with all the red embroidery stitching looks awsome. Having his school patches sewn on as I type. So for all who are indecisive about what gi to purchase, you wont be sorry. And I almost forgot the best part, this gi is sbout 1/3 lighter than his fugi gi. It will be perfect to get him through the rest of summer, but not so lightweight that it can't be used year round. We are very pleased with this purchase and the cool gi bag it came with is another plus.Update: 6/20/16Just bought the black gi for my now 9 yr old son. My wife accidentally threw the first gi's pants in the dryer and they shrunk really bad and he outgrew the first jacket also. So we ordered in black this time one side larger. Fits him perfectly, just can't dry in dryer, only hang dry, which we usually do with his other gi's. We are still happy with it, and we like black even better.
Great Gi

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