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If you follow me on Instagram you will probably have seen me post several pictures and videos of my new watches from Daniel Wellington - the luxury Swedish watch brand.

Founded in 2011, the watch brand sell a wide range of watches for men and women and have recently begun venturing out into the wider jewellery category, offering cuffs and bracelets for women.

I first came across Daniel Wellington watches on Instagram and I instantly wanted one. The designs are super minimalistic and elegant, exactly what I look for in a watch and they also offer a smaller watch face measuring only 28mm which is perfect for my teeny wrists.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a couple of watches and one of their brand new bracelets last month, when they reached out to me for a collaboration.

Daniel Wellington offer three types of watch straps - NATO, leather or mesh. My fave strap on any watch has to be the mesh - there’s something about metal straps which I just prefer over leather ones - so one of the watches I chose was the Petite Classic Melrose watch in Rose Gold. This is one of the watches with a smaller face, measuring at 28mm. I have teeny wrists so depending on the style of the watch, smaller faces sometimes look better on me.

To match the rose gold watch I chose one of the new bracelets in the shade desert sand. The bracelet is a larger version of the Daniel Wellington cuff and features the Daniel Wellington name in between two shades. It comes in three different shades, Desert Sand which is a nude, Dusty Rose which is a pink, and white. The white is also available on a Silver bracelet too.

The watch strap was really easy to adjust to fit my wrist comfortably, coming with a tool and instruction booklet inside the box. The box itself was a beautiful elegant gift box complete with a sleeve, both embossed with the Daniel Wellington name across the top.

The watch is £139 to buy and the bracelet £79 - meaning this combo will set you back £218. Buuut over the holiday period, you can get your hands on both of these in a Christmas gift box for £199.

The other watch I received was the Classic Black Reading in Rose gold. This watch is a unisex watch and is available in 38mm and 40mm. I chose the 40mm face to wear as more of a casual day time watch. The watch strap is textured leather as opposed to smooth which looks kinda like animal print so of course I chose this one. 

Even though this watch has a bigger face and is unisex, I didn’t need to add any additional holes to make sure I could fasten it securely.

Both watches use Japanese Quartz Movement and the straps are easily interchangeable too meaning you can change the complete look of the watch just by switching the straps.

You can get your hands on a free strap with certain watches over on danielwellington.com right now plus with discount code KTFDW you can get an extra 15% off! Daniel Wellington also offer free worldwide shipping so you don’t have to worry about any sneaky shipping fees either.

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