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Jumper season is here! I’m such a summer baby, give me a bikini and a pool any day and I’m happy! But there’s something about being warm and cosy in cute comfy jumpers that I just LOVE. There are SO many gorgeous knits out there this year already…and it’s only October! I don’t even want to think what my wardrobe will look like in 2 months… I’ve got so many new jumpers already! But really… you can never have too many, right?

A lot of my new knitwear has come from Femme Luxe Finery - an online store I only discovered this year but has fast become my go-to site for new clothes! Femme Luxe got in touch and asked me to choose some pieces from their new knitwear range to try out (YAY!)… so here are the pieces I chose, along with how I would style each piece and all the deets you need to get your hands on them!

Wine Ruffle Hem Chunky Knit Crop Jumper £12.99

The cropped knits are back this season and I’m so happy! They're the perfect piece to pair with a skirt and high boots. That was literally my go-to outfit last winter so I’m definitely jumping back on that trend!

This crop jumper comes in a few different colours but I chose ‘wine’ which is like a deep maroon colour. When I saw it, I knew exactly which skirt it would match with and I love burgundy - I think it matches my hair colour so well!


The ruffled hems look so cute - they’re stretchy too so it’s super easy to get over your head (not like those pics that have been circulating Twitter from one of our other fave brands… if you've not seen them, Google it - it's worth a laugh!)

You could also style the jumper with high waisted jeans or shorts or even over a cami bodycon!

Shop the jumper here for only £12.99... bargain!

Black Polo Neck Cable Knit Cropped Jumper £16.99

Another crop jumper! I bought this one just because I don't have a crop knit in black... and I thought it would look suuuper cute with my black and white skirt. But I actually paired it with my leopard print skirt and I think it goes so well... I love it! The quality of the knit is incredible - it feels so thick and luxurious!

The oversized roll neck might not be for everyone but depending on how you position it, you can change how oversized it looks! I only rolled it over once to give it that extra chunky feel.


It fits so perfectly! It also comes in grey and white... and both of these will definitely be making an appearance in my wardrobe this season!

I also styled it over the top of a leopard print cami so it looks like a high waisted skirt - super comfy!

It only costs £16.99 and you can get yours here.

Nude Oversized Chunky Knit Jumper £16.99

Next up is the nude chunky knit jumper. This one came in red, green, cream and nude so based on the pictures on the website I decided to opt for the nude. I love neutral tones right now! Although I think it's more of a pink than a nude... but hey it still looks gorgeous! 

I know I’ve already mentioned this but seriously… the quality of these jumpers is insane! This one is so soft, the knit is chunky and it’s just bloody beaut. It's one of those jumpers that is perfect for almost any occasion this autumn/winter and will look amazing with so many different looks.

I’ve styled it with a black denim skirt and also paired  it with some lace up leggings.

Shop the jumper in nude, cream, wine, green here.

Metallic Knit Rose Gold Tie Wrap Dress £26.99

This has gotta be Instagram's most popular dress of the last few months… I’ve seen it on everyone in some form and in some shade of metallic sparkle so I added it to my collection in the long sleeved rose gold.  It's also available in a longer length for a more sophisticated, classy look...  and you can also get it as a one sleeved dress. All of them are the gold/rose gold/silver metallic colours so are all perfect for autumn/winter... and Christmas parties (It's really not that long away!).

The dress itself is more like a cardigan and the belt comes separately in the bag. Thinking about it that’s pretty awesome because sometimes when I buy clothes, because i'm like super petite, normal sized clothes don't always look like they should because my 5ft2 dimensions are completely not the same as the 6ft models.

Take high waisted jeans for example... they're supposed to sit on your waist but they actually come up slightly higher but then give my body no shape at all because the jeans are trying to pull my ribs into shape! Come on guys... 

The loose belt on this dress means that no matter how tall or short your body is, you can always tie it at the waist to you the curvy figure everyone is obsessed with... or whatever look you want!  

I styled this on its own with just a pair of heels but I have actually seen someone on Instagram wearing it as a cardigan... It's definitely a key piece in everyone's wardrobe this autumn/winter!

Here's the link for the short rose gold dress, the rose gold maxi dress, short gold dress and gold maxi dress. 

Here are the links for the gold off-shoulder dress and the rose gold off-shoulder dress.

Red Front Wrap Knitted Jumper £14.99

Finally the last item I chose was the wrap front knitted jumper... Another trend which has carried on from last year. I chose the red because as soon as it starts getting towards winter, I love wearing warm bright Christmassy colours when everything else around is getting dark and dull.

Femme luxe have a ton of variations of this jumper in different colours, different patterns and even some with pearls on.

I styled the wrap jumper with a black skirt with buttons on and some ankle boots. Depending on where I was wearing though, I might wear a lacy crop or bodysuit underneath just to make sure nothing slips out if the jumper moves!

You can literally wear the jumper how you want. You can wear it on both shoulders or have it slightly off one shoulder to give it more of a slouchy casual vibe. This would also work better in showing the detail of anything you put underneath it. I've also seen some people wearing it backwards  with the wrap detail on their back and it looks pretty awesome!

It’ll also look good with high waisted trousers, jeans or even leggings if you're wearing it as a comfy chill jumper.

Here's the link to the red jumper.

You can check out all the entire knitwear range at Femme Luxe Finery here.

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