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Ok girls… this is going to revolutionise your shaving game completely! I’ve discovered this new shaving brand, Friction Free Shaving who offer a shaving subscription box…

I’m a subscriber to a couple of beauty boxes and I’ve tried out a prosecco subscription box but I’ve never heard of a shaving subscription box until I discovered Friction Free Shaving. They’ve been voted the UK’s top rated shaving subscription box though so I guess it’s a thing!

Friction Free Shaving say that their mission is to “make shaving as clean, convenient and cost-effective for women as possible” and honestly I can say that they’ve done this. This box is genius.

How It Works

You choose your razor… either a rose gold finish (my choice!) or a silver finish (also gorgeous though…) and for only £9 a month you get 4 brand new blades delivered to your door with the option to add on additional shaving balms and body creams. It can’t get much simpler than that can it?

The blades are diamond coated to make sure the shave is as smooth as possible and there’s even a lubricating Vitamin E strip for extra softness. (It even has a special bikini blade for down there!)

Plus you can have your handle personalised with an engraving too… check mine out below! It’s just so gorgeous!

It all comes packaged in a beaut little box and there are no additional shipping fees either.

The Add-Ons

The Pre Shave Scrub £6

If you want a smoother shave it’s always best to exfoliate the skin before reaching for the razor. Friction Free’s pre-shave scrub is made of walnut scrub which not only works to remove dead skin cells and ingrown hairs but promotes skin rejuvenation too. You’ll also find almond extract and Manuka honey inside to keep the skin super soft (and make it smell amazing!). To use the scrub, simply squeeze it onto the skin an massage it in for one minute. Feel the walnut scrub removing those dead skin cells and preparing it for shaving then rinse off.

The scrub smells amazing, is super gentle on the skin and my legs felt so soft after using it! Plus… it doesn’t contain nasty microbeads, only pure goodness.

Shave Cream

With Manuka Honey, Shea Butter and coconut oil you know this is going to leave your skin sooooo smooth and smell amazing too! It’s super easy to apply just before you shave and its ‘unique formula’ reduces friction so you get a closer shave. Plus, whilst the cream is white, it’s transparent when smoothed onto the skin so you can see even the peskiest hairs.

Did I mention it smells lush? Oh and it was also a bronze award winner at the Beauty Awards 2017 so that shows how amazing it is!

Post Shave Balm

Just like the shave cream, the main ingredients in this beauty are manuka honey and almond oil but with cocoa butter rather than coconut oil. Manuka honey is anti inflammatory and the mixture of these three ingredients make sure the skin feels refreshed, moisturised and most importantly not irritated. There’s nothing worse than a super smooth shave then once the skin has dried off, that awful dry irritated feeling!

Packed with antioxidants and all round goodness, this is the perfect cream for a post shave. And… as expected… it smells so good!

Each of the add ons are £6 and you can choose which ones, if any, you want to add to your order during the checkout process. Friction Free Shaving make it super easy by guiding you step by step through the order process, from choosing your razor, adding engraving and selecting your add ons. It honestly couldn’t be any simpler!

The Christmas Box

Just for the Christmas period, Friction Free Shaving have released their Christmas box (which I was lucky enough to try out!). Inside you can find:

  • A razor (with or without engraving - you choose!)

  • 4 Blades (one for each week)

  • Pre-shave scrub

  • Shave Cream

  • Post shave balm

  • Blade Cover

  • Shower Holder

  • Drawstring cotton bag to protect the razor

Whilst it’s the perfect gift at Christmas, it’s also the perfect starter to try out each of the creams and get a full set of blades and accessories!

Be quick though because the Christmas box will disappear on January 1st 2019 so grab it whilst you can!

PLUS - you can use code KTFXO for free engraving on any razor - so why not personalise it with your name or initials? (Engraving is usually £6)

Have you tried Friction Free Shaving before? What did you think?

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