You, Me And A Big TV

Literally all you need for a night in this month is a Netflix subscription, some snacks and a nice big HD TV to binge watch all your fave shows on.

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I’ve just finished watching the Netflix series that EVERYONE is talking about… You.

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Most girls will recognise the main character, Joe as Dan from Gossip Girl (Penn Badgley) and there are SO many mixed feelings about him… I’ll leave you to make up your own mind on him!

You is a 10 part series about a bookstore manager (Joe) who becomes obsessed with a female writer who he met in his store. What starts out as a crush quickly develops into something much darker when he uses the powers of social media to let himself into every aspect of her life… without her even knowing… and then removing anything which he sees as an obstacle between them… super creepy, right?!

Is it addictive viewing? Definitely.

I found myself binging at some points without even realising… I sat down to watch one episode and next time I checked I was 3 episodes deep…

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You has taken social media by storm… and the scary thing is… there are so many girls who have some weird crush on Joe…

I mean just take a look on Twitter… girls are practically begging “Joe” to kidnap them and are expressing their love for the character.

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Come on girls!... I mean, yeah… he’s the hot guy from Gossip Girl… but (without revealing any spoilers)…

This is not the guy any girl should want to be with! 

Penn took to Twitter to address some of the obsessive tweets and has said that he’s going to use all of this as motivation for series 2. (Yay! Series 2 is happening!)

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But what this series highlights is the dangers of social media in the world we live in… and just how much information people post online which anyone can access…

Joe literally learned everything he could about Beck (and a few other characters) just by using social media and Google. 

I mean... doesn't that scare you?

Aside from my Instagram page, Twitter and blog (all of which I use to post fashion/beauty content), I keep my personal life off the internet

There’s literally nothing creepier than a stranger knowing everything about me.

And there are definitely creeps out there… you just need to take a peek at my message requests on Instagram to see!

You is definitely a series everyone needs to watch. And whilst we wait for series 2 (release date to be confirmed)... go check your social media settings and make sure can’t let any Joe’s into your life!

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