How To Plan The Ultimate Birthday Party

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How To Plan The Ultimate Birthday Party - Miss Boux

We all know planning a birthday party can be stressful.

The endless to-do list…

The pressure to get everything perfect…

Making sure everyone gets their invitation on time.

There’s a lot to remember.

But with a few simple tips, you can actually make planning a birthday party a lot of fun.

From finding the perfect venue, picking a theme and choosing decorations… the excitement builds as you can see everything coming together nicely.

If you’ve not planned a party before, or you need a little refresher, here are a few tips to help you plan the perfect birthday party (with as little stress as possible)!

How To Plan The Ultimate Birthday Party - Miss Boux

Choose a Theme

Choosing a theme for the birthday party not only makes it more fun, but it makes it easier to plan – if the party is unicorn themed, everyone knows that anything pink or sparkly will fit in just fine!

If it’s a special birthday, check with the birthday guy/gal for their ideas… or if it’s a surprise party, ask a friend or family member.

There are tons of ideas to choose from, but whatever you decide on, make sure the theme runs throughout the party, from the decor, to the invitations and even the food – attention to detail can make it so much more memorable.

Pick A Date

Of all the things on the party to-do list this can be one of the trickiest. Finding a date that suits everyone is most likely going to be impossible, there will always be someone who’s busy!

Aim for a date the majority of people can make, baring in mind social holidays, school holidays etc. and try to make sure it’s in plenty of time to give people notice.

Parties are better attended on a weekend when fewer guests have work commitments, but if the party has to be mid-week, consider child care and working hours when deciding on a start time.


The budget is one of the most important things to keep your eye on when planning a birthday party! And without it, costs can quickly get out of hand.

Start off with a figure that you’re willing to spend and factor in the expenses you already have a rough idea of. Try to be realistic when budgeting and consider if there are any aspects of the party which can be done by yourself or family members to reduce the cost.

It’s helpful to have a budget in mind when shopping for invitations, decorations and food as impulse buys can often quickly push the price up.

How To Plan The Ultimate Birthday Party - Miss Boux

Book a Venue

Once you have a budget and a rough idea of how many people are attending, the next step is booking a venue. If you’re planning a big party such as a milestone birthday, a bigger function room might be better than someone’s home.

Also when looking at venues, try to imagine your party taking place there. Think about how the room would be set out and where the decorations would go. If you can see your vision coming to life more in one room than another, then maybe that’s the venue for you.

Put A Guestlist Together

There will always be those friends who are top of the guestlist to attend your party, and those which don’t quite make the cut. If you’re planning your own party, you know who they are.

So when planning someone else’s birthday party, make sure to check in with them (or a friend/family member if it’s a surprise) to make sure you’re inviting the right people.

Milestone birthdays are much more special and might require you digging in old address books and looking up old friends online. If you need to invite more people than planned, make sure you revisit the budget to rearrange the costs.

Send Invitations

Send the invitations well in advance so they don’t have other plans. Save the date!

The birthday invitations are the first thing your guests will see about the party so this is your chance to get creative!

Online invitation designers make this job much easier! Just with a few clicks your entire invitation is designed, printed and sent.

Basic Invite is the perfect website for this, the website lets you design the birthday invitations from scratch, and choose from thousands of colour combinations. Whatever design you can think up in your head can be created on Basic Invite and any small detail can be included to create the perfect invitation. Whether it’s your nephew’s 10th birthday, or your grandad’s 80th, you can design and send the personalised 80th birthday invitations right from your sofa!

Basic Invite - Birthday Invitations - How To Plan The Ultimate Birthday Party - Miss Boux
Basic Invite - Birthday Invitations - How To Plan The Ultimate Birthday Party - Miss Boux

If you’re filled with ideas and fancy trying out a few different invitation designs, after previewing the invitation online you can order samples. This means you can see the colours and design in real life whilst also previewing the paper quality you have selected.

And if you want your birthday invitations to stand out in the mail, Basic Invite have you covered with over 40 different envelope colours to choose from too!

Basic Invite - Birthday Invitations - How To Plan The Ultimate Birthday Party - Miss Boux
Basic Invite - Birthday Invitations - How To Plan The Ultimate Birthday Party - Miss Boux
Basic Invite - Birthday Invitations - How To Plan The Ultimate Birthday Party - Miss Boux

The free address collection service also takes away the stress of writing out everyone’s addresses to post the invitations. Basic Invite literally have you covered at every angle to make the invitation process as painless as possible. 

If you don’t feel very creative, you can start with one of the birthday invitation party templates available on the website and just make a few small edits.

Basic Invite - Birthday Invitations - How To Plan The Ultimate Birthday Party - Miss Boux


Decorations don’t have to be something expensive and way over budget.  You can pick up simple paper decorations from Amazon which can make the venue look super stylish with minimal effort.

Remember to keep these in line with the theme – this could be as simple as using the same colour scheme, or as crazy as… well, anything you can think up!


The menu is something else which is best planned well in advance. Once you have a rough idea of how many guests are attending, you can start planning how much food to prepare and what type of food you want to serve.

Whether you’re buying finger food or booking a caterer, a buffet is usually a safe option as it provides choices which cater for everyone. A buffet makes it easier to include options for different dietary requirements and don’t forget alcohol free options for those driving home afterwards!

If you’re delegating the role of caterer, make sure to do it well in advance so they can get creative with the menu and keep it in with the theme of the party.

How To Plan The Ultimate Birthday Party - Miss Boux

Don’t forget the birthday cake too! If you’re no Mary Berry or star baker, find a caterer or a cake shop and work with them to choose the perfect cake. I’d recommend ordering the cake a few weeks in advance and pick it up the day before the party.


Entertainment isn’t just a clown and a bouncy castle, nor is it just for kids parties. A good host wants to keep their guests entertained and create a fun atmosphere.

If it’s a milestone birthday, the theme could be the birth decade and entertainment could include music and games based on that decade.

A fancy dress party on the other hand can be a little more random with games, props for dressing up and guess the costume competitions!

A singer/DJ is a good option is the budget will allow for it, but again, keep it in line with the theme of the party!

Have Fun!

After all of this party planning it’s time for you to let your hair down and  enjoy it! Hiring a photographer to capture the party will give you a chance to enjoy yourself. And when it comes to the tidying up… leave that until the day after if you can!

How To Plan The Ultimate Birthday Party - Miss Boux
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