14 ozスーパーヘビー級従来柔道/jiu-jitsu,/internship486019.html,missboux.com,Uniform,12096円,スポーツ&アウトドア , 武術・格闘技 14 ozスーパーヘビー級従来柔道/jiu-jitsu,/internship486019.html,missboux.com,Uniform,12096円,スポーツ&アウトドア , 武術・格闘技 14 ozスーパーヘビー級従来柔道 jiu-jitsu 買収 Uniform 14 ozスーパーヘビー級従来柔道 jiu-jitsu 買収 Uniform 12096円 14 ozスーパーヘビー級従来柔道/jiu-jitsu Uniform スポーツ&アウトドア 武術・格闘技 12096円 14 ozスーパーヘビー級従来柔道/jiu-jitsu Uniform スポーツ&アウトドア 武術・格闘技

14 ozスーパーヘビー級従来柔道 日本限定 jiu-jitsu 買収 Uniform

14 ozスーパーヘビー級従来柔道/jiu-jitsu Uniform


14 ozスーパーヘビー級従来柔道/jiu-jitsu Uniform



14 ozスーパーヘビー級従来柔道/jiu-jitsu Uniform

Good product. Litter larger than expected but no need to return.
My son loves it. Will buy again when he needs a new Gi.
This right here is a GREAT GI! I love the material, and the size is perfect. I am 6'1.5 and about 195. Despite what some people say a size 5 is perfect for people around 6 ft. Gi feels strong and is great for rolling in my BJJ class. Was delivered promptly even though I made an error on my address, was very easy to get in contact with and give them a heads up. Many thanks:)


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