Invisibobble Does Cheat Day

It was only last month when I reviewed Invisibobble’s Get In Shape Collection, and they’re already back with a whole new collection – Cheat Day!

My whole life seems to be a cheat day right now… I can’t even remember the last time I went to the gym… (I’m paying for a gym membership though… so that counts, right?)

Anyway…I am in LOVE with this new range of bobbles!

Invisibobble Cheat Day Review - Miss Boux

So, whilst I was doing my usual pre-blog post research I came across the story of Invisibobble and I have to say I was pretty shocked… (and not in a bad way!)… so I’m going to tell you in my words (hopefully doing the story some justice) just how Invisibobble was born.

Get comfy! (Just kidding… it’s not that long…)

Sophie never liked to wear ordinary bobbles or hair ties because she couldn’t stand the headaches that came with them… and being at University, her hair needed to be out of the way most of the time whilst she was studying. (There’s nothing worse than pesky hairs getting all up in your uni work and getting covered in biro… if I wanted blue hair I would go to the hairdressers!)

And then one night, when Sophie was heading to a ‘bad taste’ fancy dress party, she knew her hair needed some attention but didn’t want to tie it up. Then she came up with a crazy idea… Sophie spotted the curly wurly cord attached to the old-fashioned telephone in her dorm which clearly no one had touched for agesss. Sophie decided to remove the cord and fasten it in her hair just like a bobble…

The next morning, Sophie took the cord out of her hair and that was it… the moment she knew that she had solved all her problems! There were no marks in her hair where the cord had been and better yet… no pain!

So that was 2012 and the Invisibobble had been born. Six years on and it’s now starting to expand from bobbles to all sorts of hair accessories!

The Invisibobble is known for being traceless, meaning you can wear it all day and it will leave no mark on your hair. It’s the perfect waterproof, up-do tool with a super strong grip yet it’s super comfy to wear!

Brand new to Invisibobble is the Cheat Day Limited Edition Collection.

Invisibobble Cheat Day Review - Miss Boux

There are four different flavours (yep, flavours – I bet you’re intrigued now!) to choose from and three of each design is packaged in a cute transparent packet with patterns on.

Now here’s the twist…

These bobbles are scented.

Scented. Bobbles.

Mind… blown.

And what’s more, they’re scented with our Cheat Day favourites:

Donut Cream

Cookie Dough Craving - Invisibobble Cheat Day Review - Miss Boux

Cookie Dough Craving

Donut Cream - Invisibobble Cheat Day Review - Miss Boux

Crazy for Chocolate

Crazy For Chocolate - Invisibobble Cheat Day Review - Miss Boux

Macaron Mayhem

Macaron Mayhem - Invisibobble Cheat Day Review - Miss Boux

And let me tell you… they actually smell like they should! They’re pretty strong too! It’s not just a quick spritz of perfume on a bobble… they actually smell delicious!

Usually anything advertised to be scented makes a strong promise at the start of its life but then gradually the scent disappears until that gorgeous smell is just a distant memory and you have to go and buy another.

(I can imagine, standing in a queue somewhere and catching a whiff of a gorgeous smell…wondering where it’s coming from…and…following my nose like a Tom and Jerry cartoon round in circles…because, you guessed it…that gorgeous smell is on my damn head)

Each packet contains three of the Original Invisibobbles in crazy fun colours, bundled with the sweet scent.

Invisibobble Cheat Day Review - Miss Boux

Before my Invisibobble collection started to grow, my go-to bobbles were black, brown and neutral colours (bore-fest) but since venturing into the realms of the Turquoise bobble in the Get In Shape range, I’m loving all these bright colours! They make me feel so summery! (Where ma’ other summer babies at?)

So here’s the verdict… **drum roll**

Another perfect collection from Invisibobble and I just can’t fault them. (I even tried this time!)

My fave smelling set has to be the donut cream (absolute heaven… I literally wanna eat it!) but my fave colour is the cute pastel purple which is the Macaron scented bobble!

Seriously, I wish you could smell them through this blog post so I can show you how lush they actually are (if scented blog posts become a thing… I thought of it first. So I want credit y’all!) I just wanna share all of these amazing smells with you!

Invisibobble Cheat Day Review - Miss Boux

The entire Cheat Day Collection can be found online at Look Fantastic for £4.99 per set. I’ve also spotted them on the Topshop site too!

Now, £5 may seem a little pricey for three bobbles compared to a bunch for £1 at Primark but these will last you sooooo much longer and they hold your hair in position leaving pretty much no trace when you take it out.

I’d choose Invisibobble any day over ordinary bobbles!

Invisibobble Cheat Day Review - Miss Boux

P.S. If you’re a chocolate lover then you definitely need to get your hands on the ‘Crazy for Chocolate’ set. My hair actually smelt good enough to eat. Now I know this might sound crazy but I’ve only recently introduced chocolate into my diet…

I’m not crazy, I swear!

I’m actually allergic to dairy… so I’ve NEVER eaten chocolate before!

I’ve tried soooo many milk free alternatives but they honestly taste like cardboard… don’t ask me how I know. But recently the supermarkets seem to have stepped up their game and discovered a better recipe that actually tastes like normal chocolate (so my boyfriend and sister tell me!)

So yeah…I’m kinda loving that at the moment.

Tying my hair up with this scrummy scent… well… I ain’t complaining… bad timing for bikini season though! Maybe next year hey!

Which is your favourite from the Cheat Day Collection?

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