Invisibobble, The Queen Of All Bobbles

I discovered Invisibobble a few years when I was stood in the checkout queue in Topshop (you know where they tempt you with those super cute socks, lip balms and phone cases that you don’t really need but they’re too cute to say no to as you’re waiting to be served? Yeah… well that’s where I discovered Invisibobble… and I’m actually glad I did!)

Invisibobble Get In Shape Multiband - Invisibobble - Miss Boux

For anyone who hasn’t come across Invisibobble before, they’re the people behind the Traceless Hair Ring… the Queen of all bobbles. The Invisibobble is made of some sort of plastic and is a stretchy spiral bobble. But what makes them genius is that you can wear them alllll day longggg and there will be no kinks or lines in your hair.

Yup. Read that last sentence again.

No kinks or lines… or anything for that matter. Isn’t that just what you want?!

It honestly revolutionised my hair styling!

The plasticky spirals stretch pretty big and so will fit around even the thickest pony tails, meaning they’re perfect for use by pretty much anyone, no matter what kind of hair they have.

Invisibobble have recently brought out the ‘Power’ bobble which is pretty much the same as the original but stronger and it’s designed to hold your hair tighter. It’s been designed with people with an active lifestyle in mind who need that extra strong hold to keep hair out of the way!

Invisibobble Get in Shape - Invisibobble - Miss Boux

Invisibobble were kind enough to send me one of their ‘Get in Shape’ sets which is brand new and holds 3 of the Power and 3 of the original Invisibobbles.

The Original is one of their best selling bobbles and I totally get why. They are so comfy to wear, they’re stretchy but hold hair perfectly and they’re waterproof! (How many times have you gotten into the shower and realised there’s a long line of bobbles up your arm which are now soaked and will need to dry out before you wear then again? Yup… pretty much on the daily for me! I’m hopeless!)

Invisibobble Get in Shape - Invisibobble - Miss Boux

The original bobble keeps hair tied back without using clips and grips and it doesn’t pull hair out! I find they’re way comfier than normal bobbles and you don’t have to worry about having a huge line in your hair afterwards!

Invisibobble Get in Shape - Invisibobble - Miss Boux

P.s can we all take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous the colour of the Power Invisibobble is?! I LOVE it… it’s so bright and summery.

Oh and both bobble designs are resistant to sweat… so if you’re getting your sweat on in the gym, your bobbles won’t start to stink!

Also in my package I received two of Invisibobble’s latest products – the Multiband. Now, until a couple of weeks ago, I presumed Invisibobble only made bobbles but they’ve recently brought out the Multiband which is mind blowingly amazing too.

Invisibobble Multiband - Invisibobble - Miss Boux

At first glance these might just look like an ordinary bobble headband (you know, those ginormous bobbles that are actually a headband unless you wrap them round your pony tail 27 times)… but there’s more to it than that…

The headband part itself has two rubbery strips which run from one end of the band to the other and work to grip the headband in place.

Invisibobble Multiband - Invisibobble - Miss Boux

It’s soo annoying when you’re using the big bobble headbands, you get the perfect amount of volume in the front section and then the band slowly starts to creep backwards… next thing you know you’ve got an egg head… and my egg head isn’t something I want to share with the world.

But that’s not all it has… the back of the multiband has the Invisibobble spiral connecting it together. And the magic thing here is that not only will it leave no mark underneath your hair, but it doubles as a bobble too! Once the multiband is in place, twist the Invisibobble and use it like a normal bobble to keep your hair out your face.

You don’t need a headband and a bobble any more… this little beauty does it all.


Invisibobble Multiband - Invisibobble - Miss Boux

I received a red and black Multiband, the ‘True Black’ and ‘Red-y To Rumble’ (cute play on words) and whilst I thought the black would be my fave, the red goes pretty well with my blonde hair!

You can pick up these products and many more designs over at Look Fantastic

Have you tried any of the Invisibobble designs? What did you think?

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