Joop WOW Eau De Parfum Review

Once I find a perfume I like I used to just stick to it… and when it ran out I’d buy another of the same… but recently I’ve been going a bit out of my comfort zone and trying out some new scents. 

One of the scents I’ve tried and had to share with you was the latest perfume from Joop… and if you’ve read the title of this post then you’ll know I’m talking about Joop WOW! for Women.

It wasn't until recently that I discovered Joop actually made fragrances for women!

Joop Wow Woman Eau De Parfum - Miss Boux

You’ve heard the saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, right? Well, the bottle is the first thing that draws me to a perfume... and this bottle doesn’t disappoint! You know it’s going to look amazing on your dressing table!

It’s a gorgeous deep berry/maroon colour and it’s round! I’ve had a few perfumes in the past where the bottle is a weird shape (but looks insane) and it’s kinda tricky to just grab in the morning and throw a couple of squirts on!

The spray top is hidden underneath the bottle top which just twists off.

The scent is pretty strong so you don’t actually need more than one spray on your wrist (or wherever you want to spray it) and Joop describes the scent as ‘a fragrance skilfully composed by the hypnotic strength of rose infusion with sparkling and juicy facets of wild raspberry’.

It smells gorgeous!

Joop WOW Women Eau De Parfum Review - Miss Boux

It’s a rich fruity scent and once it’s settled it lasts all day!

Because of it’s rich musky smell I’d probably prefer this as one of my winter perfumes... lighter perfumes are my preference in summer!

Joop WOW! comes in two sizes, 40ml (£31.99) and 60ml (£45) and you can pick them up at The Fragrance Shop.

Joop WOW Women Eau De Parfum Review - Miss Boux
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