Kylie Skin Launches Face Mask & Lip Mask

Since Kylie launched her Kylie Skin summer collection back in July we’ve all been wondering what her next releases would be. 

Kylie took to Instagram yesterday to announce the latest 2 additions to the Kylie Skin family and their release date.

Posting a video of a pink Kylie Skin box on the Kylie Skin Instagram, Kylie kept us in suspense for a short while, asking us “Can you guess what’s inside?”

The signature pink Kylie Skin box contains the two latest products in the Kylie Skin collection…

A hydrating Face Mask and a hydrating Lip Mask.

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The fask mask comes in a signature pink tube, much like Kylie’s Walnut scrub and the lip mask is in a small clear pot (possibly glass) with a twist off lid.

Both products have been created with hydration in mind, to keep the skin in tip top condition in the winter months.

Kylie took to Instagram stories to tell us all about the products which will be launching next Monday. Kylie said she had been dying to show us the new products.

Kylie Skin Face Mask Lip Mask October Launch 2019 - Miss Boux

Hydrating Face Mask

Kylie said the Hydrating Face Mask has changed her skin – it’s lifesaving and is the best thing that’s happened to her… Sounds promising, right?!

Kylie explained that the mask is not just a mask as she applies a thick layer of this before she goes to sleep and wears it all night. She also uses the mask prior to applying makeup – applying it 15-30 minutes before she does her makeup and then washing it off like any other face mask.

The Face Mask contains Vitamin B3, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Shea butter and glycerin.

Kylie Skin Face Mask Lip Mask October Launch 2019 - Miss Boux

Hydrating Lip Mask

Kylie has been teasing this in her Youtube videos for a while now and it’s finally here!

According to Kylie, this Lip Mask has replaced all of her other lip balms and she carries it around in her purse to keep her lips hydrated all day long. It comes in a cute little pot which looks like glass so you can see the white balm through the packaging.

Kylie said she likes to wear it on days when shes wearing no makeup as it has a gloss sheen to it.

The lip mask is formulated with a blend of oils, shea butter and Vitamin E to help lock in moisture, leaving lips feeling smooth soft and supple.

Kylie Skin Face Mask Lip Mask October Launch 2019 - Miss Boux

Kylie gave us a demo of both products on her Instagram stories. After washing her face with her Kylie Skin face wash in the shower, Kylie squeezed some of the hydrating face mask on to the back of her hand before applying a generous layer all over her face.

Describing the mask as thick but not too heavy on the face, Kylie worked the mask into her face and down onto her neck too.

After this she applied a small amount of the lip mask, commenting that the product immediately melts into your lips.

Kylie told us that her face felt hydrated immediately after applying the two products.

The price list hasn’t yet been released but as the products go on sale on Monday, I’d imagine it will be announced anytime soon. 

Kylie Skin Face Mask Lip Mask October Launch 2019 - Miss Boux

You can pick up these two new Kylie Skin products on Monday 28th October at 9am pst from

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