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I love discovering new makeup brands so I was super excited when I received some products to try out from Lola Makeup.

I'd heard of Lola Makeup before receiving the items, but I’d never come across it in stores or on my usual beauty websites I shop on so I’d never actually had the chance to try it out until now... 

Because... Lola Makeup is now available on Indulge Beauty! It's the latest brand to be added to the ever growing list of beauty brands on the Indulge Beauty website!

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What is Lola Makeup?

British brand, Lola Makeup is a 100% cruelty free makeup brand that was created to celebrate and enhance natural beauty with quality makeup products. 

The Lola Makeup website says that the brand is passionate about 'creating the best, cruelty free makeup for real women’ and they ‘aim to give you the confidence to be the real you’. 

From the basics to some more vibrant colours, Lola Makeup has something for everyone and they offer a huge amount of vegan products too.

All of the Lola Makeup products are also ethically sourced and cruelty free.

What is Indulge Beauty?

Indulge Beauty is a makeup retailer offering products from an ever growing number of brands.

Indulge Beauty approach the makeup world from a different angle and put their customers first by allowing them to shop from different brands all in one place. They recognise that beauty can often be expensive and brands often have sales targets to meet etc. which makes it difficult to just choose the items which YOU need.

It happens to the best of us... we visit a retailer with the aim of buying one product we need and instead walk out with a huge bag of items which were on offer when you spend £20 or when you bought two more products in that range (which you didn't need!).

Indulge Beauty also make sure they stock the best emerging, exclusive, cult and saviour brands in makeup and fragrance for both men and women. 

Indulge Beauty’s mission is to empower you. This is something I LOVE about this brand, everything is in your hands, not the hands of the retailer.

And that’s why they’re now stocking the brand new Lola Makeup.

And I can’t wait to try it!

The Products

So I was sent the Lola Make Up by Perse matte liquid lipstick in shade 'Lust' (one of my fave lip colours with having blonde hair), the Lola Infinite lashes mascara, and the Lola Automatic eyeliner.

Lola Makeup at Indulge Beauty - Miss Boux

Lola Makeup Matte Liquid Lipstick

This liquid lipstick is part of the ‘Love Collection’ and is available in 4 shades. I received shade 04 - Lust which is a deep red. Two of the other available colours are:

02 - Strawberry Peck (a pink)

03 - Desire - a lighter red

The tube is fairly small - only 3ml but a great size to keep in my makeup bag or throw into my handbag. Lust is a deep ruby red colour and the design of the tube is super cute and simplistic. Sometimes I think the simpler designs stand out more and are classier - this definitely looks premium.

Lola Makeup Matte Liquid Lipstick - 04 Lust - Miss Boux

The liquid lipstick itself is a creamy consistency and the brush head allows you to apply it with precision. It’s super soft and instantly looks matte when it’s applied. It’s not scented, it gives a good coverage and it doesn’t dry the lips out either. 

The lipstick is enriched with jojoba oil and shea butter which keeps the lips super hydrated so there’s no need to worry about your lips drying out like some other matte lipsticks cause.

Lola also suggest that due to it’s creamy consistency, the liquid lipstick could be blended and used as a cheek stain or blush… In my opinion the shade I received was much too dark to try to blend as a cheek stain, but maybe the pink would work as it’s much lighter and more blush looking!

The applicator design means that you can easily apply the lipstick without any bleeding but it would also be really easy to apply with a liner too - the design of it gives you the option and means that a liner is not essential.

Once it’s dried the lipstick is also pretty ‘kiss-proof’. I applied mine before heading out for food (which was pretty brave as red lipsticks are usually a no-no if anything is coming near the lips!) and my lips were almost perfect afterwards. 

Lola Makeup Automatic Eye Pencil - 001 Class​ic​​​​ Black

Lola Makeup Automatic Eye Pencil - Black - - Miss Boux

When I do ‘full makeup’, a liquid liner is my go-to for lining the top lash line - I love getting that precise flick every time. For the lower lash line however, I always opt for an eye liner pencil - but one that I’m able to smudge slightly for a bit of a smoky lash line (I hope that makes sense!). The liner also has to be soft enough to line the waterline - there’s nothing worse than a sharp pencil scratching your delicate skin!

The eye liner automatic pencil from Lola Makeup is a gel-like formula so it’s perfect for the waterline AND underneath the lashes - it ticks both boxes for me! 

Lola Makeup Automatic Eye Pencil - Black - - Miss Boux

The consistency of the pencil also makes it perfect for the top lash line too (if you’re brave enough!). The liner itself is super slim and you don’t need to worry about sharpening it - simply twist it to reveal more of the pencil and then retract when you’ve finished. 

Like the lipsticks, it’s cruelty free and also free from parabens, mineral oil and titanium dioxide - perfect! The carnauba and candelilla waxes also make it feel so soft and friendly on your skin!

The liner is waterproof and smudge proof (Aren't waterproof liners smudge proof anyway?). It’s available in a variety of shades including Classic Black, Walnut (brown), Midnight Blue and Jewel (a white shade).

Lola Makeup Infinite Lashes Mascara

Lola Makeup Infinite Lashes Mascara - Black - - Miss Boux

When it comes to mascaras I usually opt for a traditional bristle brush over plastic. I love my lashes to look thicker and the bristle brushes seem to give me that result. My natural lashes are also naturally long so this type of brush usually gives me the best result.

However, it’s well known that a plastic brush gives more definition. There's also less chance of getting those awful clumps you try and pull out with your finger and end up smudging your entire lashes together (and sharing the mascara onto your beautifully blended eyeshadow).

The Lola Makeup Infinite Lashes Mascara has a plastic brush but is slightly thicker than others I’ve used in the past. It’s also sculpted in a cone shape to distribute the product evenly across all lashes.

Lola Makeup Infinite Lashes Mascara - Black - - Miss Boux

It’s probably the best plastic-brush-mascara I’ve tried. Lola Makeup suggests the mascara achieves a long-lasting false lash effect - whilst I didn’t feel like I was wearing lashes, my eyelashes definitely looked like they had full coverage and were fairly thick. There were also no clumps! No clumps means that the lashes can be given a second or even third coat to enhance the thickness without worrying about clumping.

The Infinite lashes mascara is also enriched with vitamin E, olive wax and bamboo so whilst your lashes are looking luscious they’re also being wrapped in a blanket of goodness and staying conditioned. 

This product is also free from anything nasty and is 100% vegan and cruelty free.

Whilst it’s not waterproof, it’s smudge-proof… but it’s also super easy to remove with micellar water.

Have you tried any products from the Lola Makeup range? What were your thoughts?

You can shop the full range of Lola Makeup at Indulge Beauty.

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