March Beauty Empties

I’ve not done one of these types of posts before but I always love reading posts like these and finding out what other people use... so I thought why not share what I use?

The number of different products I use and try out on a regular basis is prettyyy high... I always have my regulars that I use on a daily/weekly basis, but I also discover new little beauties in subscription boxes every month... So I thought I'd share the most recent products which I have used up!

Now… bit of a disclaimer - I only decided that I was going to do this post in the last week in March so I’m only including the empties from that last week (because I threw the others out already!). Hopefully if I do one next month, it'll be a little longer!

1) Living Proof PHD (Perfect Hair Day) Dry Shampoo

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I think this dry shampoo came in one of my subscription boxes a couple of months ago… maybe Glossybox? I can’t remember which… but I put it in my hair products drawer and forgot about it.

Last week, I was getting ready for work in the morning and started to have a bit of a panic when I realised I’d run out of dry shampoo… but luckily a quick rummage in the drawer brought out this beauty.

My little saviour!

The front of the can says it ‘actually cleans hair, eliminates oil, sweat and odor’. I’m usually pretty reluctant to try other dry shampoos because the last time I did, it made my hair dirtier than it was before I’d even used it… but right there an then I was out  of options, so I gave it a go.

I've got to say, I was pleasantly surprised by this one! It made my hair look fresh without leaving a white coating on the top (nightmare!) and even by the end of the day my hair still looked clean.

So, I’m going to give this one a big thumbs up!

You can buy it from Look Fantastic for £10.00

2) Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash

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This was another treat from a subscription box!

I only use face wash when I’m in the shower - any other time I’m a trusty micellar water kinda gal! So this was one of my in-shower products.

I’ve used Balance Me products before and I love them! They have a product called ‘Skin decongestant’ and you apply it to any areas of your face where you think you might be getting a break out (or if you already have one) and by the morning it’s shrunk massively! It’s wonder cream!

Anyway, back to this product… it’s 99% natural which I love - I’m all about these super natural products right now and it carries the same scent as the other Balance Me products I’ve used - really fresh and clean but not too strong.

It’s another face wash which doesn’t actually dry my skin out or leave it feeling tight either when I get out of the shower.

You can pick this up from Look Fantastic for £16.00.

3) Regenerate Enamel Science Toothpaste

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If you’ve not tried this toothpaste yet then you need to!

Is it weird that I have a fave toothpaste? I mean, I don’t care if it is... because this one is amazing!

For starters it’s glittery… who doesn’t love a bit of shimmer in their beauty routine, hey?!

But aside from that it’s actually sooo good for your teeth. As well as cleaning, the toothpaste regenerates enamel mineral on your teeth and reverses any early signs of erosion.

I mean how cool is that? A toothpaste that actually fixes your teeth!

Because of it’s magic powers it’s a bit more expensive and comes up at £10 a tube (full sized - mine is just a sample size!) But… it’s totally worth it.

You can pick this up at Look Fantastic too!

4) Charles Worthington Grow Strong Longer and Stronger Protein Treatment

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I received this product as a sample from Love Me Beauty when this product line launched last summer, it was part of a set where I received the Charles Worthington Grow Strong shampoo, conditioner and treatment to try out and review.

The shampoo and conditioner have long since been used but this treatment isn’t something I use every time I wash my hair so it’s lasted a little longer.

This is one of those conditioner treatments that you work into clean, damp hair before styling. It contains strand building protein cream which works to create hair that is instantly 6x stronger!

Now, I don’t know about you but I’m all about strong and healthy hair! My hair sees its fair share of bleach and heat so any hair care conditioning treatment is right up my street!

Plus, it smells incredible! All of the products in the Charles Worthington Grow Strong range smell amazing and I would definitely buy all 3 of them again - it’s one of those products where once it’s on your hair it actually feels noticeably stronger when you’re brushing it and even once it’s been dried fully!

And of course it leaves that gorgeous smell in your hair!

5) Batiste Instant Hair Refresh Dry Shampoo

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So remember the dry shampoo I showed you at point 1? That was the one which replaced this one when it ran out.

Batiste has always been my go-to dry shampoo for a bit of a refresh on day 2 (I wash my hair every other day but sometimes it needs a little pick me up on the second day).

I usually go for the cherry or blush scent as these are my fave!

6) Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

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This was a sad moment when I finished the last few squirts of perfume from the bottle…

I have a few signature scents that I go to and Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium - I usually pick one of these up in Duty Free when I’m going on holiday or I get one of the gift sets in either the Selfridges or Boots Christmas sales.

It’s a pretty expensive perfume but it’s super rich so I only ever need 2 squirts at a time and it lasts for hours.

It’s on my airport shopping list for June!

You can also pick this up at Feel Unique!

So that was my very quick round up of the products I have used in the past month (well... final week of the month). If you’d like to see this kind of post again, let me know in the comments!

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