Stow Away Travel Kit Review

This one’s for the guys.  

Or... for the ladies buying for the guys this Christmas.

Guys can be so tricky to buy for sometimes, can’t they?! I mean aside from socks, what’s a safe bet? 

I was given the chance to try out a gift from the Men’s Society. It's not a brand I'd heard of before so I did a bit of research before I chose something...

The Men’s Society exclusively sell gifts for men (the clue's in the name) and everything is handmade in their studio in Norfolk. From cosmetics to homeware and other quirky gifts, you’re bound to find something for everyone on their site.

I ordered the Stow Away Travel Kit which retails at £25.00. The delivery was super fast and the item came well packaged to protect it from any damage.

Mens-Society-Stow-Away-Travel-Kit - Miss Boux

The website describes the Stow Away Travel Kit as a ‘hand luggage friendly wash kit for frequent flyers or first time explorers’. The kit contains a cleansing face wash, hydrating face cream, disposable face towels, and travel sized toothbrush and toothpaste.

All of the kits come neatly packaged in a tin which can be reused once the products are finished. So far so good!

The tin didn’t scream luxury but apart from that it all looked pretty good on the outside. Now time for the inside...

Let’s take a look at each product:

Cleansing Face Wash 50ml

Both the face wash and face cream are in small brown squeezy bottles with caps and are made by the Men’s Society themselves… no bulk buying going on here guys! They both contain coconut, citrus and aloe vera, soothe and cleanse the skin, and BLAST it with vitamins and minerals - a must when travelling, especially on a plane.

My skin does NOT like flying so I always make sure I take good care of it, loading it with skin friendly makeup and moisturisers to keep it soft and supple. The citrus fruit in the face wash also clears skin of oils and pollutants to keep it healthy.

Mens-Society-Stow-Away-Travel-Kit - Miss Boux

Hydrating Face Cream 50ml

This smells almost too refreshing! The Men's Society describe the smell as a ‘masculine scent of lemon and thyme’ - the lemon scent is very overpowering (it reminded me of kitchen cleaner). Again it’s in a small squeezy bottle, is super easy to apply and it feels super soft on the skin (my boyfriend kindly tried it out). A refreshing cream is exactly what is needed after a day of travelling to revitalise the skin and the shea butter, coconut oil and aloe vera mix ensures that. (I’m not sure why it smells so lemony though?!)

5 x Disposable Face Towels

Who remembers these as a kid? You’d put them in water and watch them turn from a tiny hard blob to a flannel! They were so fun! And now you can still enjoy them as an adult (Yay!). The kit contains 5 towels which fit into a small material drawstring bag to keep them clean (and tiny). 

When dropped in water it takes around 7 seconds for the ‘towel’ to grow to about the size of an A4 sheet of paper.

I say ‘towel’... and I was expecting some sort of flannel but when the towel grew it was actually more like a big face wipe. It was much thinner than I expected and when all of the water was squeezed out of it I could hide it in the palm of my hand (and I have tiny hands). Personally I wouldn’t use this to wash my face or remove any face wash etc. but I could just dampen it and rest it on the face for a quick refresh. 

Mens-Society-Face-Towels - Miss Boux

Travel size toothbrush and toothpaste

A perfect little addition for when travelling. I kinda expected a bit more of the toothbrush though - it’s one of those plastic two piece put together toothbrushes (it remind me of the ones you get free in hotels) but the toothpaste is Marvis and this adds to the quirky classic gentleman theme the box has.

The toothpaste tastes very minty but seems just like regular toothpaste... I’m not sure I can ever tell the difference between toothpastes though?

Mens-Society-Toothpaste_Toothbrush - Miss Boux

All of the items in the box are hand luggage friendly so you don’t have to worry about decanting liquids into small bottles or finding smaller alternatives. This kit does what it says on the tin. Literally.

At £25, this kit is priced at the higher end of stocking fillers and after a first look at the product, I didn’t know if I would pay £25 for what’s inside the tin. After trying it out, I still don’t think I would. 

Mens-Society-Flatlay - Miss Boux

Whilst it’s a quirky product and everything is handmade and hand packaged, I still don’t understand why it costs £25 for two small bottles, a plastic toothbrush, disposable face wipes and a tiny tube of toothpaste.

I gave the Stow Away Travel Kit to my boyfriend to try out and this is what he thought...

Danny's Verdict

If you're looking to burn £25 on...

  • A bunch of bleachless bleach wipes...
  • A toothbrush from an arcade machine...
  • Face wash that smells like toothpaste...
  • Face cream that smells like the bleach that should have been on the wipes...
  • And a storage-tin that looks like the ones your great-grandad probably ate out of when he was in the trenches...

Then this is the perfect gift.

Otherwise, spend the £3.50 it costs to get a brand-new toothbrush and toothpaste when you travel ... pack a reusable flannel ... and take a boyfriend who doesn't use face cream.

But... if you do want to try this out... 

Or any other products fro the Men's Society...

You can find them on Asos, John Lewis or The Men's Society website.

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