Radiance Ring Review

Everyone loves a good selfie… well I definitely do! I got my hands on a mobile ring light from Radiance Ring. I know, I know… yet another selfie light… but this one is incred.

No… I’m not just saying that…sure, it looks the same and feels the same but the Radiance Ring is made by the sister company of Fast Forward Time Ltd – a supplier of professional photography and video equipment. So I’d say they know a thing or two about lighting…

Radiance Ring Review - Miss Boux

The Radiance Ring has three main benefits:

  • All around light – reducing and possibly eliminating shadows and giving the skin an even glow.
  • Halo eye reflections – if you want to add a bit of vibrancy to your photos then throw a ring light in there!… the ring shape creates a beaut mini ‘halo’ in your eyes, bringing out that extra sparkle.
  • LED technology – The LED bulbs in all of the Radiance Ring products are way brighter than an average household light bulb so the LED bulbs last longer (and look nicer!).

The Radiance Ring mobile is 8.5cm in size and simply clips on to your phone or tablet, so that your camera lens is in the middle of the light.

Radiance Ring Review - Miss Boux

It contains 36 individual LED bulbs which last for as long as 100,000 hours! (That’s a hella’ long time for selfie taking…)

The light comes with 3 different brightness settings which can be altered using the button on the top… and a USB charging cable which can charge the light using your laptop or plug socket.

It’s also super lightweight so the light and the USB cable will easily fit in a handbag.

Radiance Ring Review - Miss Boux

Radiance Ring Review - Miss Boux

The Radiance Ring comes in 3 different sizes, the Mobile (8.5cm), Mini (30cm) and Pro (46cm).

The Radiance Ring Mini is much bigger than the Radiance Ring Mobile and can either stand alone on a tabletop or attach to a floor stand to lift it higher. With a diameter of 30cm, the bigger ring is designed to ‘capture beauty on camera’ and give you amazing quality photos without having to spend a small fortune on professional photographers or basically kitting out your back bedroom with lights, lighting boxes, diffusers and everything else you need to set up a photography studio… I know which option I’d go for…

And having the ring light, of course, means that your entire face is lit up… shadows are virtually eliminated and skin tone is evened out. Sound like a no-brainer to me…

Radiance Ring’s LED technology means that the light from this one ring light is equivalent to that of a household bulb – much brighter than some photography lighting. This light also emits 75% of the brightness of the Pro Model.

Radiance Ring Mini

The Mini’s size is the perfect size for travelling… coming equipped with its own carry case, it’s fits perfectly inside a small suitcase. The inner diameter is 22cm and the mounts included with the light allow you to attach your camera or phone to the ring. The camera mount consists of a standard camera holding which will screw into pretty much any camera; and a phone holder (2 arms that grip together to keep hold of the phone). A mirror is also included and attaches to the inside of the ring. (A girl can never have too many mirrors!)

Radiance Ring Pro

The Pro is the biggest of the Radiance Ring lights and gives the highest light output – (the 55w feels like 550w… a big difference from normal bulbs). It also has the best possible distance range and the strength of the light means it fights any other light sources to make sure the image is perfect. But if the light source is too bright you can easily dim it with the switch on the back.

Like with the Radiance Ring Mini, the ring light gives you almost flawless skin because the shadows are eliminated and your eyes are enhanced with little halos.

It’s the ideal light for bloggers and beauty professionals but also for everyday application of makeup to make sure it’s on point. The Pro has a pretty heavy base so it’s safe enough to stand freely on a dressing or makeup table. And like with the Mini, you the Pro comes with a mirror that can be attached to the inside of the ring (diameter 36 cm).

The mounts for the camera and attachment for the Pro are also included in the carry case.

The Radiance Ring Pro retails at £169, the mini at £139 and the mobile for £12. They also sell lighting accessories and currently have available

I’ve not tried any warming filters before because I like all of my photos to have cool/white tones so any warmth wouldn’t look right.

Radiance Ring Review - Miss Boux

If you’re new to the selfie lighting/professional photography products, then Radiance Ring kindly provided some tips for making best use of your light and how to get the perfect photograph.

  • Don’t mix with different light colours – The Radiance Ring is a cool white light. Most household lights are warmer tones and when these are mixed the overall lighting is bad…
  • Stay fairly close to the light when taking a picture – you want the light to wrap around the face so place the light no further than 100 cm away from you when taking a photo and more than an arms length when using the Radiance Ring Mini.
  • Play with different height and angles to get the perfect shot – Different angles can give you a completely different look so try a few out!
  • Always keep the camera central when taking the picture – If your camera isn’t in the middle of the Radiance Ring, the light won’t fall evenly so you’ll end up with shadows in all the wrong places!

If you want to get your hands on a Radiance Ring… take a look at the Radiance Ring website.

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