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Summer is almost here and that means one thing… summer wardrobe shopping!

One thing I always leave until the last minute is shopping for accessories and I end up buying too many just so I have the options when the sun finally comes out or when I go on holiday.

My go-to colour for the sunshine is gold - I think it looks gorgeous with a tan!

But when it comes to bracelets I sometimes mix it up with bright and colourful handmade bracelets - you know the ones you see in those cute little jewellery shops abroad and end up spending like €30 on? Or is that just me?

This summer I’ve started my jewellery shopping early… not only have I picked up my watch and sunglasses but I’ve also picked up some really cute bracelets which will look insane with a tan!

Turquoise bracelets - Sashka Co Bracelets - Miss Boux

These 5 beaded bracelets are all handmade - hand crocheted - by an artisan in the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal. Care has been put into each and every bracelet as they’ve been put together bead by bead.

They’re created by a brand called Sashka Co. The brand have partnered with organisations in Nepal who train and employ artisans in rural communities whilst encouraging and emphasising gender equality and empowering women.

The wages the artisans earn exceed the living wage and the partnerships have helped to provide jobs to more than 350 artisans. And on top of that, Sashka Co donate 10% of all net sales to charities around the world, including Cure, Lupus Research, Organisation for Autism Research, American Diabetes Association, Cancer Research Institute, Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, Feeding America and Unicef.

Turquoise bracelets - Sashka Co Bracelets - Miss Boux

There are hundreds of bracelets to choose from at

Certain bracelets have been designed for a specific charity so the 10% of profits made from the sale of those go straight to that charity. The sale of all other bracelets generate donations for Feed America.

Now 10% of profits might not sound like a lot, but to put it into perspective, the sale of four bracelets equals 10 meals from Feed America.

Also, to choose which charities they should partner with, Sashka co use to make sure their donations are going to the right place.

Turquoise bracelets - Sashka Co Bracelets - Miss Boux

When choosing my bracelets I thought I'd be drawn to summery reds, oranges and golds... but then I saw a turquoise one that just reminded me of the ocean. It was such a stunning colour!

Then I set out choose the other bracelets to match that one! 

It took me a good hour to browse the site (because I’m such an indecisive person!) but I finally put together a dreamy 5 bracelet combo:

  • Teal & white
  • White & clear
  • Teal, white and gold
  • Dark blue
  • Turqoise, teal and gold
Turquoise bracelets - Sashka Co Bracelets - Miss Boux

And how lush do they all look together?

Imagine wearing those when you’ve got a bit of a tan, with denim shorts and a white top… perfect!

The bracelets I chose were $20 each and they were the smaller size (regular size). Sashka Co also have some larger sizes in mostly the same designs too.

The five bracelets I chose were out of the ‘original bracelet’ collection. In this collection you can filter by each of the colours if you want to mix and match different colour themes like I did (once I had the teal and white I then searched turquoise and then blue and white until I had all 5!).

You can also choose sets of 4 or 8 bracelets which have been matched for you already (so you don’t use that hour of your life being indecisive like I was!) and then what I absolutely love about this brand is the ‘words’ collection and the 'causes' collection they have.

The words collection is a huge collection of bracelets which have inspiring words written on them... and the causes collection have different causes written on them (see pics below!).

And 10% of the sales made on those bracelets go to the charity which is linked to the cause.

Turquoise bracelets - Sashka Co Bracelets - Miss Boux
Turquoise bracelets - Sashka Co Bracelets - Miss Boux

Since I’ve chosen my bracelets they’ve brought out some more cute designs so I think I’ll definitely be spending some more time on their website adding more to my collection!

The bracelets are crocheted with tiny glass beads. They are lightweight and super comfy to wear (they don’t catch on your arm).

Plus they come in a cute little drawstring gift bag and with a card telling you about how they are made.

Just a warning though, if you order them from the UK you might get a card in the post telling you there is a customs charge to pay! (It was around £26 when I picked mine up because the value of the parcel was $100). It's definitely worth it though!

Which are your favourite colours?

Wouldn't they be perfect gifts, or even hen party tokens!

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