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Boohoo x Paris Hilton - Miss Boux

We all hoped this day would come where we could release our inner barbie dolls and reminisce on the dress code of the 2000s…. Well girls, that day has arrived.

Cue the Boohoo x Paris Hilton collab!

I think we all know Paris Hiltons unique style, her glitz, glam and love of teeny dogs… and she’s brought that with her and given us a 70 piece collection made for fashionistas.

There’s nothing worse than seeing a brand collaborating with a celeb and literally the clothes look NOTHING like what the celeb would actually wear… well this ain’t the case this time. Paris has literally given us everything her signature style lives for… her love of Beverly Hills…teeny dogs… and glam! Throw in a cute little metallic dress… (y’know… her 21st birthday dress), loads of crop tops, dresses and co-ords and voila!

Mesh Ruffle Open Shoulder Dress

Chainmail Crop Top

Twist Front O-Ring Dress

Boohoo didn’t release the full collection all at once… more pieces are being everyday since the launch so anyone like me will have been refreshing the page on the daily to see what else I need.

And you don’t have to have Paris Hilton kinda dolla to throw a few things in your basket… everything is super reasonable… starting at £8 and going up to £35 (the maxi dress).

Before choosing my faves I did a little search on Youtube and watched a few hauls and honesty girls what can I say… I’m impressed. The few bits I saw were so GORGEOUS… like they looked exactly like the pictures online.. And the quality looked pretty decent too. So for those kinda price tags… boohoo, TAKE MY MONEY!

Okay… so on to the collection. I’m going to show you my absolute faves (and hope you don’t all go buy them before I get chance to buy them all!…. Just kidding… you’ll look amazing in them.. Because they’re SO cute!)

There are literally clothes for every occasion… gorgeous summer dresses, going out dresses, trouser co-ords, short co-ords, crop tops, tees, swim… you get the picture.

Palm Print Mesh Maxi Dress - Boohoo x Paris Hilton - Miss Boux

Palm Print Mesh Maxi Dress

So here a few of my fave looks… (there were SO many I wanted to include but I think I managed to narrow it down!).

P.S. Anyone getting JLo vibes from the dress in the picture above? C’mon girls you remember her iconic Grammy’s outfit… Yep, that’s the one!

1. Lace Panelled Ruffle Hem Mini Dress

Lace Panelled Ruffle Hem Mini Dress - Boohoo x Paris Hilton - Miss Boux

Lace Panelled Ruffle Hem Mini Dress

This dress is honestly the cutest lacy dress I’ve seen in ages. It comes in black, white and coral… and whilst most of my wardrobe is black (#allblackeverything), I love brighter colours for summer so the white and coral are perfect! The white will go so well with a tan and coral is just so freakin’ summery! Imagine that dress… on holiday… watching the sunset on the beach…. yes please… I need a holiday!

The boob area (what else do you even call that on a dress?!) is slightly padded and it has underwire too… the straps are also adjustable so I think we could be on to a winner with this one girls.

2. Metallic Mesh Flare Sleeve Kimono & Wrap Waist Open Back Bodysuit

As soon as I spotted the leopard print bodysuit I knew it was mine. I’m loving bodysuits right now… you can dress them up with a skirt or trousers for going out… dress them down with denim… put them with jeans… shorts… anything!

And how cuuuute is this leopard print! I think it’s the perfect contrast with denim jeans… (and everything else I’ve just listed… but yeah I’d pair it with jeans!… Although it would look pretty cute with a white skirt/shorts/skort…).

Wrap Waist Open Back Bodysuit - Boohoo x Paris Hilton - Miss Boux

Wrap Waist Open Back Bodysuit

Metallic Mesh Flare Sleeve Kimono - Boohoo x Paris Hilton - Miss Boux

Metallic Mesh Flare Sleeve Kimono

I think the kimono was probably intended to be worn with swimwear or something else for the beach… but pair it with the leopard print bodysuit and some jeans or trousers and wowza… the perfect transformation from casj daytime vibes… to ‘Where the cocktails at ladies?’

Plus it obviously will look amazing with swimwear… pair it with some wedges,  cute bag and some jewellery and Ocean Beach is calling your name.

3. Multi Sequin Bralet & Short Co-ord

Anyone who knows me will know that I LOVE anything sequinned, glittery or sparkly so an outfit made purely of sequins… you know it’s got my name all over it!

Paired with some super cute heels and a clutch and you’re ready for a night out in this outfit!

Plus… although it looks insane worn together as a co-ord, you could wear the top with different shorts or a skirt… and match a different top or bodysuit with the shorts… the outfit choices are endless.

Multi Sequin Bralet & Short Co-ord - Boohoo x Paris Hilton - Miss Boux

Multi Sequin Bralet & Short Co-ord

4. Printed Velour Playsuit & Sequin Trim Jacket

Printed Velour Playsuit - Boohoo x Paris Hilton - Miss Boux

Printed Velour Playsuit

I only own a couple of playsuits… y’know the floral/ditsy kinda print, and they’re kept in my ‘holiday wardrobe’ which comes out just for going on holiday… so I don’t get much wear out of them. But this one is different and i kinda love it.

Let’s start with the print… if you take a closer peek (zoom in guys!)… it says ‘That’s Hot’ over and over with dog silhouettes on each side of Paris’ signature phrase. I mean, if that doesn’t scream Paris Hilton, then I don’t know what does. I love it! The material is velour… suuuper soft and comfy and perfect for chills on the sofa.

Or… pair the playsuit with the printed sequin jacket and some white trainers and there’s your airport outfit right there. Comfy clothes for the flight… yet not too covered up for when you step off the plane and the heat hits you.

Did I just plan an outfit weeks in advance…erm… I think so!

Printed Sequin Trim Jacket - Boohoo x Paris Hilton - Miss Boux

Printed Sequin Jacket

5. Palm Print Cut Out Midi Dress

Palm Print Cut Out Midi Dress - Boohoo x Paris Hilton - Miss Boux

Palm Print Cut Out Midi Dress

Firstly… I’m kinda obsessed with this print. It’s so summery and bright and the colours will look so amazing with a tan! The style is so different too… if you look at the dress from the left it almost just looks like a skirt and crop co-ord… but from the right it’s a dress… I love how the straps cross and make it one-shoulder (so 00’s) which mirrors the bottom of the dress where it’s longer on one side.

The length looks pretty perfect on the model so I think the longer part of the dress might be a little too long on me… but I’m sure I can figure something out. It’s too cute not to take on holiday!

There’s also a skort and another dress in this print and it all looks so perfect with red accessories. There’s even a cute, frilly red top in the collection which matches the skort perfectly!

6. Button Detail Blazer & Shorts

Okay so this is the part when I couldn’t narrow my faves down as much as I’d hoped. I didn’t wanna bombard you with EVERY outfit I love… because you’d probably be reading this all night… so my last selection has a few of my faves in. But the beauty of mix and match means that with these few pieces you’ve got your outfits sorted for a while!

Starting with the white shorts… (sensing a colour theme here) they also come in a coral colour, same as the lace dress earlier on. They have three buttons down the front on each side which kinda seem a little nautical to me… whether she’s playing on the whole noughties/noughtical theme (see what I did there?). I don’t know… but hey! Super cute shorts!

Button Detail Blazer - Boohoo x Paris Hilton - Miss Boux

Button Detail Blazer

Button Detail Shorts - Boohoo x Paris Hilton - Miss Boux

Button Detail Shorts

There’s also a matching bandeau which comes in white and coral… and although a bandeau and shorts might sound kinda casj, it actually looks pretty insane.  But wait… match it with the blazer and bam!… werk it girl!!

I’m so happy blazers are back in… they’re the perfect pairing for shorts… leggings… dresses… like literally everything! And the beauty is that they can be dressy or casj… a jacket for all occasions. So yeah, this one matches the shorts and bandeau perfectly (there are also matching trousers too) so whilst I’d probably wear it as a co-ord and feel extra af wearing it, you can also match the pieces individually suuuuper easily.

The bandeau will look insane with any shorts, trousers or a skirt. The jacket will make any casj outfit dressy in seconds – perfect for summer get togethers after work!

And the shorts… well these go with anything! Here are a couple of my fave tops to pair with the shorts:

Cute AF Slogan Crop Top - Boohoo x Paris Hilton - Miss Boux

Cute AF Crop Top

Foil Unicorn Bodysuit - Boohoo x Paris Hilton - Miss Boux

Foil Unicorn Bodysuit

Button Detail Bandeau - Boohoo x Paris Hilton - Miss Boux

Button Detail Bandeau

It's Lit Slogan T-Shirt - Boohoo x Paris Hilton - Miss Boux

It's Lit Slogan T-Shirt

You don’t even need to ask if I’ve bought the Unicorn Bodysuit… you know I have! Unicorns are my fave… and it’s pink… and glittery… say no more!

The Cute AF crop tee and It’s Lit Slogan Crop Tee will also look amaze with the sequin shorts from the co-ord earlier in the post! 

With this collection you can literally buy your full holiday wardrobe from one place… in one go… in one parcel (if you’ve got Premier delivery, then break it down into several orders so you get more delivery days! – My postman thinks I have a shopping addiction… maybe I do? 

Which are your fave pieces from the collection? Let me know in the comments! 

You can shop the full Boohoo x Paris Hilton collection here.

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