The Glossybox Limited Edition Grooming Kit Is Back

The Limited Edition Glossybox for him, also known as ‘The Grooming Kit’ is back! After the last one sold out in less than 2 hours, Glossybox have put together another of their Limited Edition boxes just in time for Valentines Day. 

With 7 products from top brands including House 99 by David Beckham, Percy Nobleman and Lab Series, the man in your life is going to have everything he needs to look fresh and groomed this month. 

So if you’re looking for a Valentines gift for your boyfriend or husband, or just fancy treating a friend, set your alarms because you don’t want to miss out. 

Glossybox Grooming Kit - Miss Boux

As always, Glossybox subscribers get priority access when the box goes on sale at 9am on 4th February 2020 and non-subscribers can order theirs at 12pm. Just to give you a heads up though – this WILL sell out, I can guarantee it. So if you want to get your hands on this box, subscribe to Glossybox (you’ll also get the Grooming Kit £5 cheaper too!).

This Limited Edition Grooming Kit contains 7 products just for him. The whole box is worth over £75 and includes a bit of everything from skincare to haircare and perfume!

Let’s take a look at what’s inside the box:

1. House 99 Change It Up Texturising Clay

House 99 Texturising Clay - Glossybox Grooming Kit - Miss Boux

First up is a product for the hair. Whether the man in your life has locks which need a bit of controlling or shorter hair with no volume, this will sort out both! 

The Change It Up Texturising Clay adds definition and texture to hair without leaving it looking sticky and feeling brittle. Wanna know how it does this?

The 2 key products inside.

Spirulina nourishes the hair and makes it look and feel healthier (it’s also full of vitamins, copper and iron!) and Quinoa (yep, you read that right!) which is rich in protein and keeps the hair strong and protected. 

To apply it, rub a small amount in the palm of the hand then work it through the hair – dry or wet – and style as normal. A bonus with this hair clay is that it washes out super easily!

2. Lumin Reload Exfoliating Rub

Lumin Reload Exfoliating Scrub - Glossybox Grooming Kit - Miss Boux

Exfoliation might be one of the essential steps in a woman’s skincare routine… but I bet hardly any of the guys add it to theirs. Am I right?

Exfoliation is super important and this little product makes it easer than ever for the guys to exfoliate their faces. Use this exfoliating rub to remove dead skin cells, dirt and impurities whilst reducing the visibility of scarring and brightening the skin at the same time. Sounds like an all round awesome product, right?

The exfoliating rub contains charcoal to draw out any impurities from the skin, and rosemary leaf extract which is antiseptic and an anti-inflammatory.

To use, massage the product into the face whilst still dry. Then rinse with water and pat the face dry. For the product to work its magic, it’s recommended to use it 2-4 times per week.

3. Lab Series Skincare for Men Age Rescue Face Lotion

Lab Series Rescue Face Lotion - Glossybox Grooming Kit - Miss Boux

Replace regular moisturiser with this Age Rescue Face Lotion from Lab Series Skincare to re-energise the complexion.

The lotion absorbs easily and is lightweight on the skin. It contains ginseng which works to maintain skins elasticity and prevent fine lines and wrinkles; caffeine to energise and reduce the look of fatigue; and Vitamin B3 – the vitamin which reduces in volume in the skin as we age. This combination of ingredients work to support the skin’s natural barrier and prevent from further damage.

To use, cleanse the face and massage the lotion into the skin, morning and night.

4. Percy Nobleman Beard Softener

Percy Nobleman Beard Softener - Glossybox Grooming Kit - Miss Boux

Ok guys, we all know how tricky it can be to style a beard (I’ve witnessed the styling process 10 minutes before needing to leave the house and I know it’s not just as simple as brushing it)… so Glossybox have thrown in the incredible Beard Softener by Percy Nobleman. This will not only care for the beard, but also keep it in tip top condition making it easier to style (and reducing the stress on girlfriends waiting to leave the house!)

The Beard Softener contains argan oil, coconut, jojoba and almond oil to moisturise the beard as well as burdock root which improves the look and feel of coarser hairs. You’ll also find green tea and caffeine on the ingredient list as these work to promote healthy hair growth.

To use, wash the beard as normal then apply the beard softener as a conditioner and comb it through. Leave on for 2 minutes and wash out. 

5. BarberPro Under Eye Mask

BarberPro Under Eye Mask - Glossybox Grooming Kit - Miss Boux

Whilst eye products aren’t an absolute essential in a skincare routine, it’s always good to give the skin around the eye area a little extra TLC. The Barber Pro Under Eye Mask is an intensive treatment which works to soothe the skin under the eyes, reducing puffiness and dark circles whilst also minimising fine lines and wrinkles. 

Each hydrogel patch is infused with activated charcoal to absorb toxins; volcanic ash which is full of essential active enzymes to prevent wrinkles and also marine based collagen to provide intense hydration and firm the skin.

If I could stick these all over my body I would – the ingredients sound incredible!

Whilst the man in your life might be a little reluctant to apply an eye mask, just wait until he’s tried it once – he’ll be asking to use one next time you apply yours!

Apply to the under eye area and leave for 15-20 mins. Massage excess product into the skin.

6. Poo Pourri Royal Flush Before-You-Go Toilet Spray

Poo Pourri Toilet Spray - Glossybox Grooming Kit - Miss Boux

This is a bit of a different product for a Glossybox, but I bet we’ll all be pleasantly surprised with this! The Poo Pourri Toilet Spray is a blend of eucalyptus and spearmint natural essential oils and they’ll keep your toilet smelling fresh. 

Instead of masking odours, this spray prevents them. Apply 3-5 sprays to the surface of the water and the formula prevents the smells from escaping into the room. 

The product is also cruelty free and contains no synthetic fragrance, parabens or alcohol so it’s not only better for the environment but also your lungs!

7. MONU Eye Cool Gel

MONU Eye Cool Gel - Glossybox Grooming Kit - Miss Boux

The final product in the Grooming Kit is another one for the eyes. This is a product I’ve tried myself and I’ll definitely be stealing this from my boyfriend! 

The Eye Cool Gel from MONU is super lightweight and refreshing to apply – it instantly works to reduce puffy under eyes and dark circles. 

Formulated with arnica, an anti-inflammatory which stimulates blood flow, magnesium and Siberian ginseng extract, the skin around the eye will be super hydrated and tightened.

Glossybox Grooming Kit - Miss Boux

The Glossybox Grooming Kit goes on sale on tomorrow morning at 9am for Glossybox subscribers and 12pm for everyone else. If you’re subscribed to Glossybox you can pick up the Limited Edition Grooming Box for only £25 rather than it’s price of £30.

If you want to get your hands on the box for £25, subscribe to Glossybox today and get your first box for only £8 with discount code KTF20.

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