Valentines Day Gift Ideas

It seems like January was the longest month ever, but now it’s like I’ve blinked and Valentine’s day is around the corner… is it me or is February going at twice the speed of last month?

Anyway, as expected, brands are making the most of Instagram and are showing us tonnes of super cute gift ideas. My fave posts have been of watches and jewellery, with the occasional bunch of roses… (like I don’t already have enough watches, it’s kinda making me want more!)

So I’ve put together a few of my fave Valentine’s gift ideas to give you a bit of inspo!

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Recently Rosefield have brought out their brand new design of watch… the ‘boxy’. And yup you guessed right… it’s more square than round. I’ve got more round watches than any other shape but I think the two pictured below are gorgeous. 

Paired with some silver accessories, these are perfect for a casual day time-with-jeans kinda watch or dressed up with heels and a clutch.

Below on the left is the Boxy in White - Silver and on the right is the Boxy in Black - Silver.

*Both of these images are from Rosefield's Instagram page @rosefield


One of my all time fave watch brands. (The first watch my boyfriend bought me was MVMT and I still wear it now, 3 years later!)

Whilst I love their watches and have my eye on a couple of them, they’ve recently brought out a range of jewellery and it looks incredible! Especially paired with the watches.

Take a look at these from MVMT’s Instagram:


How gorgeous are they?! Left is the Lexington, middle is Charlie and right is Venice Marble.

Daniel Wellington

A brand I’ve loved for a long time and one which I was lucky enough to collaborate with for the Black Friday event and Christmas holiday period (Click here to read the post!).

You might have seen their signature Classic petite watch paired with the Daniel Wellington cuff but in November they released their brand new bracelet in 4 different styles. It’s slightly chunkier than the classic cuff but it’s still a cuff style and it comes in either gold or silver with contrasting bands across the middle.

I chose the bracelet in the design ‘Desert Sand’ which looks amazing with the Classic Petite Melrose. But I also love the Silver bracelet paired with the Classic Petite in sterling silver white… or even the classic petite bondi rose gold.

Classic Petite Melrose - Daniel Wellington Review - Miss Boux

The image on the right is from Daniel Wellington's Instagram page @danielwellington

Paul Valentine

If the name doesn’t entice you to take a peek then I don’t know what will on Valentines.

I’ve wanted a watch from this brand for so long but I don’t have one of these in my collection… (yet!)

This brand is all over Instagram and their watch and jewellery combinations are to die for.

They have some unusual colour watches too which other similar brand haven’t experimented with just yet… like coffee and khaki and they work so well.

And for Valentines day as expected they’ve put together some really cute gift sets. Both the coffee and khaki watches (pictured below) are included in the gift sets.

Both images are from Paul Valentine's Instagram page @paulvalentine

Left: Coffee Mesh. Right: Khaki Mesh. 

Plus they have a sister company, Faye Jewellery which sells all of the cute bracelets, plus loads of other pieces. Here are a few of my faves:

All three images are from Faye Jewelry's Instagram page @fayejewelry

Paul Hewitt

Another one of my all time fave watch brands. My boyfriend has a couple of these watches in his collection and he bought me the Miss Ocean Line marble watch for Christmas last year. It’s so comfortable to wear and the face/strap combo is so unique.

Paul Hewitt’s theme is nautical so every watch and piece of jewellery is in line with that theme.

Both images are from Paul Hewitt's Instagram page @paulhewitt


Boxes of roses are gorgeous but they can sometimes be a bit on the pricey side! My absolute faves are The Billion Roses (Australian brand) but you can get some similar to these from Roses by Carter, Infini London and The Luxury Roses London.

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s or Galentine’s this year, I hope you have an amazing night!

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