When It’s Okay To Take Fashion Tips From A Guy…

I never leave the house naked…

And not wearing a watch makes me feel reallyyyyy naked. It’s weird how quickly you get used to wearing a watch and then when it’s not there, your wrist feels strange all day…

The funny thing is, I don’t even use my watch to tell the time… it’s literally just an accessory to complete my outfit. I’ve got so many in my collection now, you could probably call it an obsession. But there’s one style I’ve been desperate to add to my collection…

And it’s all my boyfriend’s fault. (Isn’t it always )

Here’s why…

Jord Watches Review - Miss Boux

My boyfriend wanted a wooden watch for his birthday last year and now it’s his go-to watch whenever it’s sunny… the wood looks so lush in the sunlight.

Since then he’s teased me about how good it looks in the sun compared to mine.

And the worst part is… I agree.

So for the past year, I’ve wanted a wooden watch to add to my collection (the brand I bought for him only does watches for men and I have tiny wrists so it would look way too big!).


Jord Watches approached me recently and asked if I wanted to try out one of their watches and I literally jumped at the chance! Finally a brand that made gorgeous wooden watches for women too… yay!

Jord Watches Review - Miss Boux

It took me so long to choose a watch because their designs are all gorgeous! The watches are all hand crafted and the grain of the wood means you’ll never find two the same… no one will ever have the same watch as you!

So after spending way too long on their website and Instagram I finally picked my unique watch – the Frankie in Koa & Ash.

Jord Watches Review - Miss Boux

The body of the watch is made from Koa wood and the face of the watch is a beautiful ash colour. It’s got a pretty plain face but I’m loving all things minimalist right now.

I wouldn’t usually put these two colours together but there’s something about this watch that just catches your eye…  the wood is a perfect contrast with the face and you could probably wear it with most colours.

Just look at it… it’s stunning.

Jord Watches Review - Miss Boux

It’s super lightweight too and the quality is just unreal. Jord were kind enough to resize the watch for me so I could wear it as soon as it arrived (just tell them what size you need when you’re buying it.) My tiny wrists mean that I can’t wear my watches until I’ve had them resized… which is annoying… psh.

The name ‘Jord’ is lightly engraved on the side of the watch – I think this gives it that kinda authentic vibe… whatcha think?

You can also get a message engraved into the back of the watch which is just the cutest! I obviously didn’t ask for any watch engraving… it’d be a bit weird having ‘To Karen… From Karen’ on the back.

Jord Watches Review - Miss Boux

I usually keep all of my watches in a display box (soooo much easier than all individual boxes) but the wooden box this watch came in is so stunning, I don’t wanna put the box away.

Like… I think it wouldn’t actually look out of place on display in my house.

It even has a little drawer under the box where you can keep your preserve pen and cloth (I’ve also put a couple of bracelets in there to top up my wrist game)… so yeah… this defo wins the best box award! (I know that’s probs not a thing but hey.)

Jord Watches Review - Miss Boux
Jord Watches Review - Miss Boux

Now if you’re this far down then you’ve probably fallen a little in love with the watches…so here’s your chance to get your hands on one…

I’ve teamed up with Jord Watches and we’re giving you the chance to win $100 to spend on any Jord watch. All you need to do is complete the entry form here with your name, email and watch preference. And that’s it!

Worth a try, right?!

Everyone who enters will also receive a 10% discount code to use on their next purchase… so it’s win-win really… literally.

Again, the link for the entry form is here.

The competition will end on August 5th at 11:59pm… Good luck!

If you want to check out their entire collection and choose your fave, click here.

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