FANGOR サービス 車用ヘッドレストマウントホルダー 車用ヘッドレストマウントホルダー,,車&バイク , カーナビ・カーエレクトロニクス , 車載モニター,/chromosomal481159.html,FANGOR,3770円 3770円 FANGOR 車用ヘッドレストマウントホルダー 車&バイク カーナビ・カーエレクトロニクス 車載モニター 車用ヘッドレストマウントホルダー,,車&バイク , カーナビ・カーエレクトロニクス , 車載モニター,/chromosomal481159.html,FANGOR,3770円 FANGOR サービス 車用ヘッドレストマウントホルダー 3770円 FANGOR 車用ヘッドレストマウントホルダー 車&バイク カーナビ・カーエレクトロニクス 車載モニター

FANGOR 倉庫 サービス 車用ヘッドレストマウントホルダー

FANGOR 車用ヘッドレストマウントホルダー


FANGOR 車用ヘッドレストマウントホルダー



FANGOR 車用ヘッドレストマウントホルダー

We returned this because the velcro seemed quite weak. The holder is in two parts - a strap that wraps around the headrest and then a holder for the device which is then attached to the strap with velcro. The strap seemed secure enough, but the velcro to connect the device to the strap seemed flimsy. The product seemed very dangerous - like my tablet was one short stop away from landing on my kid's face.
This is great! We used it for an iPad. It held great. It’s adjustable. Didn’t slip at all! Would buy again.
At first it seemed great. easy enough to set up. Velcro seems strong. But weve used it on ONE road trip (12 hours each way) amp; by the time we were on our way back, the elastic part that holds the tablet is breaking. Badly. And our tablet is only 7 inches, which is the smallest size this supposedly can hold, so if it had been a large tablet then I have no idea how it could have worked. It was definitely a waste of money. I mean it got us through the trip at least, but we will be needing to purchase another one next time we travel.Also - bc of how tight the elastic squeezes the tablet, we also had an issue where it kept turning the screen off bc it was squeezing the side button. I gave 2 stars bc it got us through the trip at least...







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