Small Business Christmas Gift Guide 2020

2020 has been a crazy year and let’s face it, it’s not been great for anyone… especially small businesses. It’s always important to support small businesses, but this year more than ever, it’s time to think about your shopping options and where possible, give a little more support to those small businesses. 

We have seen many small businesses born and grow throughout 2020 and lockdown as these small business owners are finally living their dreams, creating products they love and sharing them with the world. 

The love and care that’s put into products by small businesses is on another level. If you want to truly feel like a valued customer, buy from a small business. And as we all know… when you buy something from a small business, you make someone smile, dance or do a happy jig! That’s not something we can say for the bigger organisations is it!

This Christmas, I’ve partnered with 10 small businesses to put together this Small Business Christmas Gift Guide to give you some inspiration for your Christmas shopping and also showcase the incredible products which have been created by these small businesses. I am so impressed with every single one of them and definitely would recommend all of them!

If you’d like to watch the Guide on Youtube instead, skip to the bottom of this post and you’ll find the video. 

1.The Wild Botanist

The Wild Botanist is the ultimate brand for scent lovers. Firstly the attention to detail in the packaging is incredible. The items arrived in two cardboard boxes, stamped with their logo, and as the box was opened, I was met with a beautiful printed thank you note, a candy cane and small wooden Christmas shapes to add an extra Christmassy touch to the package. The items were incredibly well wrapped to avoid any damage too. 

The Wild Botanist - Small Business Christmas Gift Guide - Miss Boux
The Wild Botanist - Small Business Christmas Gift Guide - Miss Boux

I received the Bookcase Collection of candles – a beautiful set of three candles, complete with a knitted stocking to gift them in. The set is made up of three gorgeous candles in the scents ‘A Christmas Carol’, ‘The Snowman’, and ‘The Grinch’. All three of them smell so Christmassy in their own way – my favourite being A Christmas Carol which to me smells like gingerbread!

The other products in the package included a reed diffuser and some wax melts. The packaging is made from card and completely recyclable which is incredible too! The wax melts I received were in The Snowman scent – smelling exactly like The Snowman candle (super fresh and snowy like!) and the reed diffuser called ‘I Am Courageous – Manifest’ was scented with sea salt and cedar. The bottle itself was really large and the cork stopper was a beautiful finish. 

All of the items from The Wild Botanist have such a premium, luxury feel to them. They will make perfect gifts all year round as well as Christmastime.


2. Vianne Jewellery

If you’re looking for a jewellery gift this Christmas, look no further than Vianne Jewellery. This Manchester brand (my home town!) has a beautiful selection of rings and earrings, including statement pieces, stacker rings and moonstone rings. There is a style for everyone whether you prefer more ‘fashion’ styles or the classic timeless pieces. All of their rings and earrings are 18K Gold plated so no need to worry about tarnishing. 

I picked out two different styles, a stacker ring set and also a single ring with stones in. Both are incredible! The stacker set is the ‘Stella Stacking Ring Set’ in 18K Gold. This is made up of three beautiful rings which work together perfectly to ‘stack’ and make a more statement piece. Of course each ring can also be worn separately or mixed and matched with other rings too. 

Vianne Jewellery - Small Business Christmas Gift Guide - Miss Boux

The second ring is the Nova Cluster ring which I think is absolutely stunning. The dainty stones make it look much more expensive than it is and it’s the perfect piece to dress an outfit up.


3. Cleansing Pads

Next is a perfect gift for the skincare/beauty addicts… or just those of us who like to take care of our skin. These cleansing pads have been designed and created by a lovely lady, Rhianna Prentice. Rhianna is a skincare specialist and during the first lockdown period she began working on these pads, after spotting a gap in the market. Similar cleansing products exist, but these can be too harsh or even too gentle on the skin, either causing damage or not making much of a difference at all. The pads that Rhianna has created are padded and super soft and gently remove makeup whilst cleansing skin at the same time. 

Rhianna Prentice - Small Business Christmas Gift Guide - Miss Boux

These can be used with only water, or regular skincare products such as cleansers and toners can be decanted onto the pads. Each pad can be washed up to 300 times and they completely remove the need for cotton rounds or makeup wipes – amazing news for the environment!

For Christmas, these can be purchased as a set of 3 in a waterproof bag (perfect for the gym or travelling when the world is back to normal!) and also a single pad housed in a clear plastic bauble! Both options are great stocking fillers and these can be ordered from


4. Law of Attraction Box

If you or anyone you’re buying a gift for is into the Law of Attraction, this next gift needs to be on your shopping list! 

The Law of Attraction Box is a one-off box containing everything you need to implement the Law of Attraction into your life. Whether you’re a LOA newbie and are just getting started, or you’re already a strong believer and include it in your life daily, the contents of the box will either help you get started, or help you stay on track to live the life of your dreams. Here’s what’s inside the box:

  • Positive affirmation cards
  • A Positive Print to pop on the wall as a daily reminder
  • A gratitude stone
  • Manifestation Notebook & Pen
  • A Blank Cheque – to write down a figure you want to manifest into your life.

The box is only £24.99 and will be a guaranteed hit with anyone who loves the Law of Attraction!


5. Temptress Studios Torso Candles

If you’ve been on Instagram in the past 2 months I’m sure you will have spotted those beautiful torso shaped candles which look incredible as decor! Temptress Studios create the most beautiful versions of these candles, complete with foil detail and even scented! I received the Torso Candle with gold foil, scented in Pomegranate Noir – it’s honestly incredible. 

Firstly, the packaging was perfect, the candle was really well protected and wrapped in tissue paper complete with a gold ribbon tied in a bow. 

The candle itself comes in a range of different sizes and you can choose whether you want the additional foil detail, and if so which colour too. There are a pretty large selection of scents to choose from, or of course the candle can be unscented. 

Rhianna Prentice Temptress Studios

As soon as I opened the box, the pomegranate noir scent filled the room – it was incredible. The candle itself doesn’t even need to be lit to give off the most beautiful scent in the room. This doesn’t have to be a candle to burn (although you can of course burn it as a regular candle!) but it also looks incredible as a decor piece!

Temptress Studios Etsy:

6. The Little Personalised Company

A personalised gift always seems to me like the gift giver has put extra thought into your gift… rather than just picking up a few gifts, a personalised gift is something that’s been chosen specifically and personalised.. just for that recipient. And I think it’s so thoughtful!

The Little Personalised Company create the most beautiful personalised products, from passport covers to makeup bags, keyrings and cardholders, there’s a gift for everyone. I received the Trio Bag complete with my initials on and I was blown away with the quality of it! 

The Trio bag set is made up of three small bags which also connect together to form a ‘trio bag’ – another big trend this year. The bags can be used individually, as a makeup bag, clutch bag or shoulder bag and they even come with two choices of strap which can be interchanged really easily. 

The Little Personalised Company - Small Business Christmas Gift Guide - Miss Boux

The quality and attention to detail is perfect!


7. FM Perfumes

I’m sure nearly everyone has heard of FM perfumes – most of you might even have them already. These perfumes are sold by individuals through their own small business and they’re inspired by our favourite perfumes. The perfumes aren’t dupes or copies, they are made in the same factories as our well known fave perfumes using the same ingredients which is why they smell SO good and last so long too. 

My lovely friend Aby is a distributor for FM Perfumes and you can order your fave scents from her over on her Instagram page @elixir_scent or her personal page @_abyfoxx_

8. Glamadoo Nails

For those of us who love having nail extensions, false nails or just enjoy a pamper at the nail salon, 2020 hasn’t really been in our favour. Whilst salons have reopened at certain times through lockdown, there’s no certainty as to how long they’re open for, or whether they might close again.

So this is the perfect solution. Glamadoo nails is a business which creates acrylic nails and you simply need to glue them onto your natural nails, like any regular false press-on nails. The lovely lady at Glamadoo creates and designs the nails herself, and sends you the glue and orange stick to apply them with. 

There are a selection of nail designs to choose from and order, or you can provide examples of designs you like and she will use this as inspiration to create a personalised set just for you. You also choose the shape, size and length of the nails so they’re perfect for you and ready to apply as soon as you receive them.

The set I chose below was created especially for me. I sent over a selection of nail inspiration designs from Pinterest and shared these with Glamadoo, along with my nail size (from a chart provided), chosen shape and length. 

The attention to detail and the talent in these nails is next level! I can’t wait to put them on!


9. FFS Shaving

A shaving set is an essential gift for anyone who uses a razor which is why the gift sets from FFS Shaving make such cute gifts. If you’re new to FFS, they are a subscription shaving brand – when you sign up you receive a handle, blades for the month and various accessories such as a holder for the shower, a guard and a cloth bag to store the razor in. You can read more about the subscription here. 

The monthly subscription can be purchased as a gift and each month the recipient will receive a set of blades to last the whole month, and the handle can also be engraved with their name too. 

However, FFS have put together a selection of gift sets perfect for the festive season and they have even included their new tanning range and preparation products too! 

I’ve picked out the Medium tanning set and inside you find a handle, blades, shower holder, medium tanning mousse and a tanning mitt too. This set would be perfect for a regular tanner and it comes beautifully laid out in the gift box. 

You can find all of the FFS Gift sets here:

10. SMUG 

Another perfect gift for anyone… if there’s someone in your life who sleeps… so everyone… this gift is perfect for them. SMUG focus on sleep products including eye masks, ear plugs and accessories such as pillow sprays. I received a silk material sleep mask in a beautiful pattern and elasticated strap – if you want to learn more about the benefits of silk sleep masks and silk pillowcases, here’s an article I wrote: cohort POST

SMUG - Small Business Christmas Gift Guide - Miss Boux

The second mask is one of SMUG’s best masks in my opinion – the 3D Contour Blackout Sleep Mask. Not only is this mask a blackout mask, helping you to get a better night’s sleep, it’s also contoured leaving space around the lashes, preventing damage and making them the perfect mask for anyone with lash extensions. Think of the mask as a bra for your lashes!

There are so many different designs to choose from and any selection of these products would make a perfect Christmas gift or stocking filler.

Find more at

11. The Body Shop at Home

You might think that the Body Shop is a huge business and wonder why I’ve included it in a Small Business Christmas Gift Guide… however, you may have come across The Body Shop at home where individuals are representing the Body Shop and are selling their own stock of it. So if you’ve got anyone who loves the Body Shop, consider purchasing products from The Body Shop at home sellers rather than the website directly. You can shop all of your fave products and there are often competitions and giveaways to win products inside the Facebook Groups!

Here’s a group run by a lovely lady called Lauren:

12. We Make Scents Devon

We Make Scents Devon do exactly what their name says… they make scents, specifically wax melts. I’ve been a fan of this gorgeous small business for a long time now. The wax melts they make are incredible and they have such a huge selection of scents, from your fave perfume, to general everyday scents we all know and love. Here’s a full review of the brand: 

They sent over some of their new wax melts and WOW they’re incredible. I received….

I’ve melted a couple of the Christmas Spice melts already and they’re so Christmassy. The scent lingers and floats through the whole house too. 


13 Ageode

The next brand is something a little different – which is great as a gift for that person who has everything… we all know one of those people! Ageode create the most beautiful place mats and cake stands with a crystal/precious metal design and resin finish. 

Each mat can be personalised with initials and there are a huge selection of different colours to choose from. These would make a great gift any time of the year, not just Christmas and they will definitely be a talking point when you have guests round.


14. The Positivity Package

The final brand is another one of my favourites and an incredible ‘pick-me-up’ gift for anyone – just to spread a little positivity in these crazy times! The Positivity Package was born at the start of 2020 and has flourished into an incredible business!

The Positivity Package - Small Business Christmas Gift Guide - Miss Boux

The Positivity Package is a monthly subscription box, or a one-off, and it’s filled with a selection of products to spread positivity and pop a smile on someone’s face. The box itself is letterbox size so it’s easily posted through your door and a subscription, or a one off box would make the perfect Christmas gift!

In previous boxes there have been notebooks, affirmation cards, scrunchies, puzzles, sweet snacks and loads more. The December box has already sold out, but you an order a ‘mystery’ box in time for Christmas, or pick up a subscription as a gift too.


The full Youtube video showcasing the brands and their products is here:

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*Some of the products listed above were kindly gifted to me – AD.

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